Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keep 'em Busy...They Just Might Learn Something! Create An Invention Box With Recyclables.

So the Frog Princess is obsessed with Robots. She has been since she was less than a year old when she would sleep with her baby einstein robot flash card every night. A week ago she received one of those musical Hallmark cards and immediately wanted to rip it open to see the circuit board and speaker. She cut it out carefully and has been hauling it around playing the music incessantly...if I hear "Boot Scootin' Boogie" one more time....argh!... I hope her next card plays "Claire de Lune."

Since I'm an avid recycler and can't stand to see bits of random plastic in the trash we came up with an "inventions" box. The Frog Princess loves to create robots and other creative machines from the inventions box. Lately she's been asking for "real circuit boards" like the ones in her robot (DK eyewitness) book and her musical card. So, this morning we disassembled an old telephone and a remote control from our garage into parts. Right now she is in scientific heaven investigating all of the parts and making up elaborate stories for her mini robots. I would rather entertain my kid for a few hours and let her use her explore and create with her imagination with some of my old trash than have it sitting in a landfill. Next time you're about to toss that soap pumper, wine cork, or twistie-tie ask yourself if a little artist or scientist you know would have fun making it into something new.
You both might learn something new in the process!

Pink and Green Mama,


Anne-Claire said...

I'm in the process of doing round two of an Inventions and Machines unit with my Pre-Kers. Last time I taught this unit, the kids definitely loved creating their own inventions using "take aparts" (in exactly the way you are recycling old items for the Frog Princess's creations). They made "germ catchers, "under the bed monster traps," "baby brother quieting machines," and all sorts of other hilarious things. They also enjoyed making "blueprints" of their inventions using trusty blue pencils on transparent paper. Learning about simple machines is also a great way to integrate more science in this topic. Once kids start to identify levers and fulcrums, inclined planes, wheels and axles, etc., they can find them everywhere! (e.g., scissors, light switches, can openers, door stops--and so much more!) Happy Inventing!

My Family My Forever said...

Another great idea I will be implementing!

tirzahdawn said...

Do you have a list of items that are in your invention box? I would love to see what you have included.
This is incredible!!!!

The Activity Mom said...

I"d love to include this in my "Things we didn't get to in 2012 but wish we did" post. I'll include your picture and a direct link to your post. If you'd prefer that I didn't, please let me know.

Merry Christmas!

Jess said...

I love this idea so much! Thank you!

Chris Ford said...

All parents want their kids to be safe so please be sure to tell them that many of the electronic
components they see are made with toxic materials. (A quick internet search will tell you
more than you want to know. These items are inside that pretty case for a reason!)
Tell them: "DON'T break things apart, and DON'T put items from the invention bucket in your
mouth." (Even some of the benign looking plastics and wire coatings have toxic compounds.)
DO use this as an opportunity to discuss the use of safety equipment (gloves, eyewear,
respirator), chemistry, biology, social justice, recycling responsibly, and protecting our
environment. You might even challenge them to be the young scientists who discover safer/healthier technology.

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