Sunday, November 16, 2008

* Don't Toss That Halloween Candy - Creative Ideas To Recycle Halloween Candy

If your basket of halloween haul is placed safely out of reach of small hands like mine, it may still look like this. Unfortunately every night after my kids are tucked safely in their beds it starts softly singing it's siren song to my thighs. I'm resisting, I really am, because I'm saving it for a good cause. I'm planning to make a kick-tush ginger bread house this year with the girls and we're using our stash to bling it up. The sugar plum fairy herself is going to want to move in. No more generic little gum drops and peppermints (don't worry they'll be on there too) we'll have Cowtail boulders, and lollipop trees, and taffy doormats and Milk Dud poop on the front lawn - hey our neighborhood has a lot of dogs -- we're going for authentic here. I can see the koi pond with Swedish Fish now. We may even have Skittles painting their rainbow of fruit flavors across the roof line...if I don't eat them all first.

You can approach the whole gingerbread house a couple of different ways. You can buy a pre-baked kit like I did this year (I've seen them at Michael's, BJs, Walmart, Target,etc.) or you can build your own at home with a cardboard base (think mini milk, cream, or Egg Beaters carton) with graham crackers glued on. I learned last year that hot glue from a glue gun works better for this than Elmer's school glue (it makes the crackers get soggy and fall apart) Or you can even go all Martha and bake one from scratch.

More fun stuff to do with your candy includes:
- Add it to your Christmas cookies and baked goods.
- Let the Kids use it to decorate cupcakes or cookies as a craft for Thanksgiving.
- Do some "Smarty Math" as the Frog Princess and I call it with counting, adding, subtracting, and sorting.
- Any more fun ideas ladies?


Reese said...

Great idea!! We are going to make gingerbread houses at my daughter's birthday party in December! The girls can bring their leftover candy to the party. We made gingerbread houses last year too. A house full of sugar crazed girls is a scary thing. Laughing,crying,laughing,crying....
P.s. I can't wait to see the shop. Here's advice I learned from another blogger. This lady mentioned how poorly her Etsy shop did, but she has another very successful on-line store. Your stuff may fly out of Etsy, but if it doesn't , try another venue.

Natalie said...

I wish I had read this yesterday morning.. I just threw out the last of our candy so I wouldn't eat it..

stACEy said...

on my got org blog, I posted about reading how someone else has great ideas of left over candy, like food pantries or sending them overseas to the military...

my kids only went around the block this year, they weren't that interested :( bummer, I only had a little bit LOL

Denene said...

Dang... I ate all my kids' candy already. Only thing I have left is a few Whoppers, a coupla packs of candy corn (those will be gone by about 2 p.m.), and those Worther's caramel chews... I SO suck.

But next year, I'll know just what to do... LOL!!!!

Great ideas, my love!

ParentingPink said...

ooooooooooooh! A sweedish fish koi pond sounds yummy! Come to think of it, so does a rainbow Skittles roof!

Great idea as usual! Can't wait to see your blinged-up gingerbread house this year!


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