Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In My Studio....Homemade Christmas Gifts - Ocean In A Box

Update: These little clothespin mermaids were so popular that Disney bought 
the rights to the craft from me to use in their Family Fun Magazine
and their Spoonful and Family Fun Princess Crafts website! Yay!

** If you want to make your own clothespin mermaid, check out my 

They are easy to make, directions and printable templates can be found in my 

The post below is really old and from my pre-watermarking days, 
please give proper credit to my ideas and images and do not steal! 

My Ocean In a Box Sensory Box

My homemade clothespin mermaids. 

Just got home from a Daisy scout cookie exchange and sing along. Now I'm catching up on my blogging instead of finishing a twenty million little projects waiting for me in my studio. So here is today's post...gifts you can make at home for your kids.

This weekend,  I'm setting up a little table, my own booth, per se at a local craft show with my favorite fellow artist, my mom. We're planning to hawk our wares and see if we can raise a little Christmas cash. That is if we can off-set the cost of our booth rental, our materials, and the time we've spent making our stuff. Mom will be selling her gorgeous hand-painted cards and ornaments. I will be taking the kiddy route and selling gifts for the under 4 feet tall crowd and their keepers. If nothing sells I figure I've got my first batch for my Etsy shop or I can beg all of you to take mercy on me and relieve me of a years worth of birthday party gifts for little girls ages 4-6. I'm going to post some of my creations this week so you can see how I've been spending Mini-Saurus' nap time and my evening hours for the past few weeks.

First up...my little mermaid boxes. These are small versions of my Ocean in a Box that I will be selling with home-made sea weed and mermaids. We'll see if anyone likes them or not. My studio table was a very happy place today with 20 mini mermaids covering it.

Update -- these little clothespin mermaids were so cute and popular Family Fun Magazine actually bought the rights to use them in their own books and magazines! Woot! : )

Coming up next....What's that sound? Is there a jungle near by?


stACEy said...

those are adorable!!!!

have to show my little artist, she'll love those

tag on my blog

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

AWESOME! My daughter would love them!

michelle said...

What craft show will you be at this weekend? I will be at Belvedere ES in Falls Church on Saturday. ~Michelle

Morgan said...

those are cute! How did they do at the craft show?

Pink & Green Mama said...

I only sold 2 winter boxes but it wasn't a very good craft show turn out and people were not buying much as a whole. I did give ocean boxes as birthday presents to friends' kids and they were a huge hit!

vanessa said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love all the creative ideas on your blog. I fell in love with these mermaids and made them for the party favors at my 3 year old daughter's birthday party!

Thought you might like to see them:

Scroll down--the post is long, but they are at the bottom in the favors section!

Thanks again for all the beautiful inspiration.

Tina said...

I wanted to share my mermaid party link. I saw your clothespin mermaids and thought they were so adorable. They made great favors for the kids. You are so talented! Thank you!


Tina said...

Oops, forgot to leave the link--


Twig and Toadstool said...

Just so you know, we are doing a post on mermaid parties today, I made these lovely mermaids, and we are going to link to yours as well. You are one inspirational mamma!! Huge fan of your site!
thank you thank you
Maureen xoxox

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love these mermaids!!!!!!!!!

Hey, you're up in my neck of the woods!

I'll be excited to check out your blog more this evening. jan

corabeth said...

So cute!!! New follower please follow back! corabeth27.blogspot.com

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