Thursday, February 12, 2009

100th Day of School!

The Frog Princess' Kindergarten class is having quite a bash today.
They are celebrating their 100th day of school.
To commemorate the big event each child made a poster with 100 things on it.
Since she's my little pre-med mini picasso she chose Rainbow colored
band-aids from the dollar tree to create this fun poster.
I've smudged out her name to protect her identity.
It makes me smile every time I see it!


lady said...

It was our 100th day here in southern Vermont too. I teach some in first grade and we had some terrific 100 day projects. I am collecting ideas for 6 years from now when my little Bug is in school. My favorite from this year is 50 pictures from magazines and newspapers with googly eyes stuck on each face.

Shelly said...

We celebrated the 100th day on Wednesday. The project was to attach 100 "somethings" to a T-shirt that the kids could wear to school (kindergarten). We decided on puzzle pieces and it was adorable! I like the band-aid poster, very colorful.

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