Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blank Books for Children

One of the homemade Christmas gifts
I made for the Frog Princess this year was
a simple set of blank books.
I don't know of a single kid who doesn't like to draw and write in their own books.
She loves making up stories and illustrating mini diaries, journals, etc.
I just stapled office paper together with some leftover
scrap-booking paper to make the covers.
By making them in assorted sizes and shapes
I was able to re-use more scraps and give her more artistic freedom.
This would be such a simple birthday gift
to make for a special child in your life.
Just think what Eric Carle or Tomie DePaolo would have done with these?


EntertainingMom said...

We have done this too! We will laminate our cover pages (FedEx/Kinkos) so there is a little stability to them! I will also go to Borders or barnes and noble and get a plain journal usually for about $4 and cover those with scrapbooking paper!

michelle said...

What a fab idea! That would be cute also for party favors.

Kathleen said...

What a great gift! And I LOVE your new header!

Jen said...

Great idea! My girls love writing in little notebooks and I have a ton of scrapbooking papers. Thanks.

Creative and Curious Kids!
God's Shining Stars

Rebecca said...

Oh, so cute! I bet she loved them. My kids are a little older but I bet my youngest would love to have some of these little gems, too! Great job. :)

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