Tuesday, April 7, 2009

* Wash Those Hands and Have Some Fun!

Here is what you will find
in my kitchen
after a rousing adventure
at the Sand Table on the deck,
or a session of digging for wormies
in the back yard,
or generalized gooey art projects.

Mini-Saurus standing in her learning tower
wearing my favorite water proof apron,
and playing in a tub
of warm soapy water

I toss in some small glass stones,
an infant wash cloth,
a few polly pockets,
a stray farm animal...
whoever will keep her happy.

than trying to hold her at the sink.
Especially when she has grime
under her microscopic fingernails.

And yes...
That IS a dinosaur
eating lettuce out of my Aero Garden
...why do you ask?


Miko's Girl said...

She looks so happy playing in her bucket of suds.

Nina said...

I just recently discovered this myself but you make it so much more fun. Thanks for sharing. I would love to find one of those learning towers used.

Of course, the dinosaur would be eating the plants. "They're herbivores, mom"

Dawn said...

This is such a fun way to encourage hand washing...great idea!

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