Friday, May 15, 2009

Found A Penny - Simple Science: Shine Pennies At Home

The Frog Princess was swinging in the backyard
and we were having one of our "deep thoughts" conversations
(that we tend to have while swinging.)
She said she doesn't like the number one.
She thinks it's "lame"

So I told her it was mean to call anything names.
Then, I moved on to "selling" her on all the ways that
number one is cool.
I told her we wouldn't have any other numbers without one,
(because you need two ones to make two, and three ones to make three, etc.)
Then, I said you couldn't have
10, 100, or 1,000
without one.
And...(very important)
you wouldn't have pennies
without number one.

She said she didn't think pennies were that special.
So, I said,
"But you can shine them
with stuff in our kitchen...
It's like Magic."
"Really?"... she didn't believe me.

Do you girls want to go inside right now and shine up some
old pennies with Ketchup, an old toothbrush, and Baking Soda?
Two resounding yeses and we were off
for our shiny penny adventure!

First we scrubbed the pennies
with ketchup and toothbrushes
(old ones I save for these kind of projects)

Then, we rinsed them off in water.
And polished them with a paste
we made with baking soda and water.

End result=
Super Shiny Magic Pennies.
And mom is once again...
a rock star.

You can try this at home:

While we worked, we sang this song
the Frog Princess learned in Kindergarten
(to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine)

"Found a penny.
Found a penny.
Found a penny just now.
It is round, and brown, and shiny,
Found a penny just now.

I see Lincoln.
I see Lincoln.
Our 16th President.
On the back is his memorial.

Penny, penny
Worth one cent."


Tan Family said...

Oh! I love the song. So many great ideas. We'll have to try cleaning our pennies, too!

Jen said...

So much fun! And in this economy, a penny saved is a penny earned!

Cinnamon said...

How fun!
So glad you got the necklace... aren't Kristen's pieces GORGEOUS?
Wear it well!
:) Robin

Miko's Girl said...

Great post! It reminded me of the time I tried to have C. shine 100 pennies. In kindergarten, we had bags of 100 things for counting (plastic farm animals, cowrie shells, glass beads, and, of course pennies. I know that you can shine a copper pot with vinegar and salt. So, I had the great idea of shining pennies with the same formula. They are made of copper, aren't they? The answer is not so much anymore - the jar of pennies came out of the solution in various states of disintegration. Lesson learned...Perhaps I will use your formula another time!

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