Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun On the Farm Finale: Trip to the Farm

Yummy Food from the Farmer's Market!

Last week,
The Frog Princess and her class had
a fantastic time visiting the farm.
Mini-Saurus and I tagged along,
it was a beautiful day!

The farmer's market was up and running.
We couldn't leave without some
yummy local grown goodies!

They went on an animal scavenger hunt.
They learned about
how cows and goats produce milk,
petted a 6 week old baby goat,
and milked a big wooden cow.

The Frog Princess is a natural
when it came to milking,
it must be those Iowa dairy farmer genes
from her Great Grandpa!

Mini-Saurus asked me to take her picture with the big cows.


Tan Family said...

Wow! Nice farmer's market. So yummy and healthy.

Jen said...

Looks like a fun learning day!

Creative and Curious Kids

Caroline said...

How fun! I love it...homegrown foods. I am on a mommy mission for all kinds of natural products and foods. We even started a garden!!! It is very very tiny...but it is still a garden!! I just want our life to be more and more natural as we can afford it...and especially for our little kiddos who rely on us for this! I just found this a few weeks ago, a cream for bug bites and general kids boo-boos that is natural without harmful chemicals. It works like a charm (topricinkids.com) and now I need to finish my list of natural products to find like bug repellents, sunscreen and shampoo! Anyway- I loved your post! It is soo great to little ones experiencing nature at it's finest!!! smilinggreenmom *tweet me!!!

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