Friday, July 31, 2009

* Rainbow Rice Eye Spy Bottle

I used some of our Rainbow Rice as the filler,
(you can also use white rice or bird seed)
then I collected mini-trinkets in a variety of colors
(Stuff that will fit in a bottle: buttons, beads, paper clips,
pom-pons, googly eyes, charms, birthday candle, Polly shoes, etc.)

We sorted them by Rainbow colors and placed them onto colored paper.
Then I photographed them as the "spy cards" to go with each bottle
since I have pre-readers.

The girls helped me fill the bottles
with treasures and rainbow rice.
Each girl's bottle is labeled with her initial.
(prevents a lot of sibling squabbles in our household)

Then I used my favorite Scotch brand
(no they don't pay me, I just love them)
no-heat laminating cards to make them kid-proof.
(I buy them at Walmart in the office products aisle)

NOTE: I super-glued the lids shut 
so we (hopefully) won't end up with rainbow confetti all over my car!!

This is the photo on the "cover" of each girl's
Eye-Spy Rainbow Cards.

Here are some of the RED treasures.

Here are our ORANGE treasures.

Here are our YELLOW treasures.

Here are the GREEN treasures.

Here are some of the BLUE treasures.

PURPLE Treasures.

PINK treasures for two girlie-girls!

Hopefully these bottles will bring many years/miles of entertainment.

What Should You Do With It?
You can play a number of ways...

1. Pick a color and see how many things you can count.

2. Name something like Yellow Star and see who can find it first.

3. Make up a silly story that you have to use objects in (like MadLibs),
Example: "Once upon a time there was a Yellow Star
named Birthday Candle, she had a pet confetti leaf and a big dime."

I'm sure the girls will have fun making up their own games.

Pink and Green Mama,


Cindy said...

Can't wait to make these. I have made them before using bird seed but the colored rice looks so cool.

mrs. fisher's findings said...

You are a brilliant women and I love to read all the fun crafts you make on your blog. My boys are still a little too young for this craft, otherwise we'd make them in a snap. Maybe in a couple of years.

Kathleen said...

So cool! Do the girls have the same treasures?

Pink & Green Mama said...

The girls have ALMOST identical bottles, there were a few "treasures" we only had one of so they are spread out evenly. I put "C" beads and "E" beads in their respective bottles.

Michelle Sybert said...

you did a fabulous job on these!! SO great! Love the rainbow twist on these!

welovetucker said...

cute. cute and cute.

Valerie said...

These look fabulous! We must be on the same wavelength because we came sooooo close to making one of these today too! Rainbow rice looks like so much fun!

Nuts To You! said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my post! Happy 11 years to you both:)

I'm so glad you commented because I've never been to your site before, and I love it!!! My 3yo loves Eye Spy so this would be a perfect project for her. I can't wait to look through the rest:)

sunnymama said...

Those are fantastic eye spy bottles! I've been meaning to make one for a while and you've given me some great ideas, thanks :)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow! You have some wonderful ideas! I would love for you to possibly be a guest blogger on any Tuesday-Two Little Monkeys Craft Day!
I can not wait to read your blog!
Your girls are precious!

Mama King said...

The rainbow rice is such a nice touch! Love how you involved the kids in making their own bottles. I hope you have a fun trip!

Tan Family said...

This is fantastic! I've never seen a rainbow one before. Thank you for the idea! :)

Melody said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks for the step by step instruction. I need that! :)

teachmama said...

you are ONE crafty mama,, my friend! love it!

Elise said...

I love that there are different activites to go with these beautiful eye spy bottles and I'm sure your children will also come up with other ways to use them as well.

In regards to your previous post, we love ziplock bags for crafting. We made some ziplock bag animals and we also made a mobile as part of our decorations to celebrate Australia Day. Both of these crafts are featured on my blog in the Toddler Triumphs section.

everydaymom2005 said...

This is such a cool idea! I just love seeing all the new things you come up with.

Claire said...

What a great idea! Hope you had a great road trip!

mamabeck said...

I've made the bottles with rice before, but never came up with a good way to have the preschooler have a "list" of the items in it. That's a great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

I haven't tried this game because they're a bit price-y in the stores - don't know why it didn't occur to me to make it!
We also don't have the DVD in the car - we have a new car and I had to try to find a minivan without one. I chose it without on purpose, there's enough tv in the world. Plus, once they know it's in the car they'll always ask for it!

jd6405 said...

I just love the rainbow discovery bottles!! So neat and what a great thing to keep the kiddos busy in the car! :)

Mozer said...

Love this idea! Posting a link to your article on my blog.

Kimber said...

I am the least creative person I know but this is amazing!! I have got to do this with my boys... who LOVE Eye Spy stuff!!

Also adding your blog to my blog roll!! So creative!!

Johanna said...

this is such a fantastic idea!

Holly said...

This is such a cool idea! We bought the game Find It! and my kids love it...but I need something new - a little variety - and this is it! Thanks.
Holly @ 504 Main

MittenMom said...

Thanks so much for the idea! Saw this last night and made one today!
My 11 year old girl, 7 year old girl and 6 year old boy all loved it. Who knew all those birthday cake trinkets would come in handy when the kids saved them. Plus everything I've taken away from them so the baby couldn't put it in his mouth is now a new toy.

Anonymous said...

I'm there with you...I refuse to get a DVD player for my car! Good ol fashioned car games are great fun! I will be making this for my kids.

Sharon said...

FANTASTIC! I found your tutorial on rainbow rice last week and made some. Turned out beautifully! I didn't even see your post on the Eye-Spy bottles...that's exactly what we did with ours as a group!I posted it and gave credit your way! You are also one of my new found favorite blogs...totally got sucked in! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration!

Em said...

What an awesome craft! My kids have seen these but I haven't wanted to spend the $$ to buy them. I love the idea of color cards for prereaders too! My family recently returned from a mega-road trip... 11 states in 7 days, and we don't have videos in our car either. (I don't mind that!) We did a lot of reading, car games, and my son learned how to play with his leapster. I wish I had some of these to hand them at times!

Amnah said...

Ever since I saw this on Modern Parents Messy Kids, I've been collecting little treasures. I adore this idea. The rainbow rice just pushes this over the edge. I'll be sure to share once I've completed the project.

Marisa said...

This is AWESOME. I love those things! Never thought about making one, but it looks so easy! Thank you. :)

Beck said...

This is GREAT! My son and his family just moved to Alaska... they have a lot of driving to get anywhere. I'm going to make one of these for my granddaughter! I just love your site! Have subscribed and can't wait to look back thru all of your projects! Thanks!

winterbabe98 said...

I love this idea!!! MY son's too old for this now(12), but this would make a great idea for church or vacation bible school!


Love and Lollipops said...

Hi MaryLea

I absolutely love your Rainbow Eye-Spy bottle and have linked back to it here:

Take care,

Mandy Morava said...

I'm wondering where you can buy the rainbow rice? I live in a rural area, and don't believe I have seen any in the grocery stores around here.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Hi Mandy!

We make our own rainbow rice and you can too, you'll just need some white rice, food coloring and rubbing alcohol or liquid hand sanitizer. : )

The instructions and tutorial can be found on my blog in older posts under a key word search for "rainbow rice" or click on the words "rainbow rice" in the post above for the link! Have fun!

MaryLea (pink and green mama)

Tiffany Mark said...

Thank you so much for this great idea!! My kids are going to love this for the long trips we take to the states. I have included this in my weekly roundup of useful blogs at www.doomestic.com Thanks again!!

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