Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Fun Magazine - Our Five Minutes of Fame

Check it out,
we're semi-famous!

is one of my ALL TIME favorite magazines
(and no, they are not paying me to say that)
I tell all of my new mommy friends to get a subscription.
It's a parental lifesaver.

I had a subscription before I was even a mom.

If you've read my blog for a while
you know I have a magazine fetish
You've seen my magazine binder system.

Well, as you can imagine,
I've clipped a ton of ideas over the years

(Family Fun articles are in my:
Birthday Parties Ideas binder,
my Kid's Recipes binder,
ALL of my Seasonal Craft binders,
you get the idea...)

Well, my little blog is highlighted
in the Mailbox section this month
along with an adorable photo of the Frog Princess
and our
from earlier this summer.

Grab a copy for yourself.

I love the recycled T-Shirt bag craft (pg. 26),
the Color Wheel Garland (pg. 20),
the eco-friendly reusable snack containers
out of drink cartons (pg. 66),
and making doodles on Bagels/Bananas (pg.66)
with Wilton Food Writers -- Genius!!


Sarah said...

Oh I am totally going to give some subscriptions as gifts come Christmas time! I usually get a copy from the library when I am there but i may add it to my Christmas wish list. How cool to be featured!

The Activity Mom said...

That's great! Congrats! How fun!

Morgan said...

Congratulations!!! How cool that you made it in there! Family Fun Magazine is my favorite magazine. We just checked out a couple of their books today too.

The gazing balls are really cool!

EntertainingMom said...

Congratulations! I will check it all out when I next pick up my copy.

Diane said...

How exciting! I stumbled upon your blog recently and I am enjoying it very much.

Jessica said...


I got a blurb posted in Wondertime once & I was ecstatic...but having a picture published, too!!! Cool!!

Very Exciting. :)

Ticia said...

Congrats! I've been co-opting other people's copies.

Stacy said...

I also love this magazine! I was just reading it the other night and saw your picture...how great!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Congratulations! I love that magazine too - so many great ideas!

Mama King said...

Congrats! I saw the piece and I said - hey I know her! Which is funny because I don't! Blogging is funny that way.

Felicia said...

Congrats!!! I love that magazine too!

MoziEsmé said...

Cute photo! Congrats on your moment to shine! :)

Christie-The ChatterBox said...

Congratulations! I too have a subscription to Family Fun and YOU are my craft guru...just in case one day I decide to be one of those crafty kind of moms (doubt it but one can dream and you give me hope). I know I dont always comment but I love your little projects and have saved many of your posts in hopes that I can one day be just like you!!

LLMajer said...

Hi! I found your blog from the FF reference. This is great! So glad to find you!

Christy said...

I love Family Fun mag. I'm going to look in my mag to find your reference! That is super cool!

teachmama said...

woo-hoo! Just back into town now and back online--haven't even cracked open our new edition, but you better BELIEVE that I'll do a little jig of joy over here in MD to celebrate your fame!

Antonia said...

you just commented on my blog, so i thought i would check yours out...i saw the pic of your daughter and was like "hey i recognize that pic from our family fun magazine" so cool, that's awesome! really cool blog!

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