Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kid's Craft: Make A Mini Chalk Board

The Frog Princess made this simple craft
at ART CAMP last week.

Just buy one of those
unfinished wood"frames"
from Michael's/ Walmart/etc.
(you could be super cheap-0...err...thrifty
and use that weekly Michael's coupon)

Tape off the frame
and paint the inside
with Black Chalkboard Paint

Remove the tape.
Paint the frame with acrylic paint
(color/colors of your choice)

Go do or make something else while it dries.
(it will dry quickly)

Now, just add some buttons (or gems) with craft glue
(embellishments are a girl's best friend!)
and VIOLA -- a mini chalk board
to write secret messages on,
a word of the day,
weather of the day...

If you used magnetic chalkboard paint it would be
even more nifty -- you could play with those cute
alphabet magnets to spell a message
or make your own glass marble magnets!


Christy said...

That would be a fun craft for a birthday party too. So cute.

Punky's Mamma said...

...now why do I never think of such brilliantly simple crafts as this?!

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Good day!
Happy New Year!
Health, luck and love!

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