Saturday, September 12, 2009

* Kid's Art: Fun With Tape Resist

My good friend Jen (in real life and bloggy land)
posted this great tape resist project that she did with her daughter
last week. Check out her post at Paint Cut Paste here.

I don't know why I forgot about taping off painting edges
and using painter's tape or masking tape for resist effects.
I watched my mom do it a million times (she's a fabulous watercolorist!)
I used to do it all the time in my own pre-mommyhood-artist watercoloring days.

So fun to try a new technique with your kids!

So, we taped off a piece of white drawing paper.

I should have used heavy weight watercolor paper
or my old printmaking favorite Arches Rives BFK.
(oh...talk dirty to me! You have NO idea how much I love that paper)

The paper we used was old and wimpy so it tore a bit when we pulled up the tape.

Or it was because we used cheap-o kid craft masking tape
instead of real painter's tape but the 2.5 year old didn't care or seem to notice!
We both had a blast and she was proud of her finished masterpiece.

Now I want to try it again on canvas!
And of course the Frog Princess came home and saw it... now she wants to make one too.

Guess what we'll be doing this weekend?!


Cindy said...

We love painting with tape. We recently made these http://5sillyfrogs.blogspot.com/2009/08/fun-with-green.html Check them out

Melissa said...

I love this idea and plan to use it. I'm so glad I found your blog in Family Fun mag. Can you give me some insight into felt boards? How do you make one so the felt will adhere to the background? I'm an amateur. I tried to make one for my son last weekend, and it didn't work on either side of the felt.

Lori said...

What a fanTAStic website! Thank you so very much for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! :) You've got some really great ideas here. I've had a blast browsing around.
Have a great weekend!

Pink & Green Mama said...


I'm not sure what happened with your felt board. I just glue a big piece of felt to a piece of cardboard or foam core as the board. Then I cut out shapes with felt and they "stick" If you shake them or tip them upside down they'll fall off. Some people use velcro (I think) but that seems like a lot of extra work! : )

Good luck and happy crafting!

Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

Michie said...

I tried this before, but the tape just ripped the paper and upset my daughter. Do you recommend any special kind of paper?

Pink & Green Mama said...

Our paper ripped too.

I would recommend getting some watercolor tape/architectural drafting tape. It's a special tape in the fine art painting section that is specifically for taping watercolor paper/blueprints to painting boards that doesn't rip the paper.

My paper tore this time : (

Laura said...

I'd like to try something like this but on canvas and combine it with your watercolor monogram idea I saw on another one of your posts, but I'm not really sure if it would work because I've never used canvas before...what do you think of this idea...paint the whole canvas and sides a solid color, make the monogram with contact paper, then let little one paint over it, so it is abstract around her initial. But, I have a couple of questions.......do I have to use a special type of paint on canvas or will anything work...if I paint and then put the contact paper on, will it peel off the paint when I take it off? Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks - I love your blog - so many fun ideas!

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