Thursday, September 3, 2009

Snail Love

The Frog Princess has a soft spot
for tiny critters...
snails are the latest obsession.

Meet "RoboSnail"
She wanted to build a solar-powered
robot snail but we didn't want to spend
our retirement money at Radio Shack
and I don't have an engineering degree...
so she came up with this one instead.

Check it out --
she attached a small piece of
almost invisible thread
to pull him along and his shell
is interchangeable
(you can click it on and off a lego
in the center with double looped tape on it)

Remember "Tiny" the snail?
Our newest family member?

"Tiny" the Snail comes up to her
whenever she opens
the panty hose lid on his habitat
and eats cucumber from her hand.

She's like the Snail Whisperer.

He is pretty cute.
He had a small fall tonight
when she was changing out his water,
and has a small crack at the edge of his shell.

I've done some snail-research on google
this evening and I think he'll be okay.
She felt awful, and worried
he would think she didn't love him.

I'm keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed
that this little guy lasts a long time.
She'll be devastated if something happens to him.

We're off to get him a cuttle shell
in the morning... they are supposed to help
speed up the shell healing process.


Monica Crumley said...

Cute idea. We're spilling over with Legos! Your little snail friend is so cute. I never thought they would respond to people, but your little snail whisperer must be irresistable.

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

so cute! my girls rescued a red eared slider baby turtle he is doing great and we all love him!

hope he heals fast!

Lee, Jenny, Max, and Bella said...

I just started following your blog and love it! And today about 3 hours after I had read this post, my little 5 year old who loves all little creatures brought me a snail he found in the sandbox! He thinks I am the greatest mom ever because I immediatly started putting together a habitat based on your blog! We now have a little "Luke Skywalker" living in a butter tub covered in panty hose on our kitchen table!

Jessica said...

That itty, bitty, teeny, tiny snail is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time!

Tas said...

Oh, that is so lovely. We would have 100 furry caterpillars in a tub if the kids wanted. They are everywhere but I haven't seen snails for a while...

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That is so cute. What a sweet heart you have.




Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

That is so very cute!

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