Friday, September 11, 2009

Who Lives In a Pineapple Under the Sea? Home Made Felt Puppets

Confession time:
my darling, innocent children
started watching Sponge Bob Square Pants
this summer.
(Please don't report me to CPS)

It started
innocently enough
with our two-day trip to Pennsylvania.
We were staying in a hotel
and there was NOTHING appropriate on TV.
The girls were sick of coloring, wikki sticks,
and every other toy I brought to keep
them occupied.

While I was in the shower,
my sweet husband decided to let the girls
watch Sponge Bob.
I love him dearly,
but he may as well have given them dime bags.

They were instantly hooked.

They thought it was hilarious.

The Frog Princess was laughing,
if she thinks it's funny
then, it must be
so the two year old joined in too...
(monkey see, monkey do)

When we got home
the Frog Princess decided to make
Sponge Bob felt puppets for our
felt board.

She raided my felt stash
collected her supplies:
googly eyes,
and glue.

Here is her finished product.

She even made them two-sided
(and glued the edges together)
so they are finger puppets too!

What's a momma to do?

Maybe it will give her some
"playground cred"
in First grade this year.


The Activity Mom said...

Ha ha your post is hilarious! Creative puppets/felt board pieces!

Lisa said...

Those are cute! We have a love/hate relationship with Spongebob. He IS pretty funny, but he's got my little boy threatening to kick everyone's butt, like Flats the Flounder....
BTW, my 17 month old daughter tries to sing along with the opening song.
(Um, yeah, don't report us either...)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Omgoodness... Love it! Yes I agree... may as well have given them dime bags. I have a certain kind of hate for Sponge Bob and his cronies. It is right up there with Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Wiggles.

But wow! Your dd is impressively creative! I love what she did and I think that it may have been worth the weekend of sponge bob to get that adorable set. :)


Preschool Playbook said...

Too funny! Just to let you know the fascination with good ole' SpongeBob does not end. My 17, 14, and 11 year olds are the biggest fans.

Tas said...

I just don't GET Spongebob. He's up there with not getting the Teletubbies and those strange people in the Night Garden. But the kids obviously don't have such a problem!

growinginpeace said...

Oh, I (I mean the girls) love Spongebob! It's one of those shows that I know uses some words I don't like the kids to hear (stupid, etc). But for the most part, it's really fun to watch.

I never thought of making felt board pieces of them, but that's a GREAT idea.

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