Friday, October 9, 2009

Preschool At Home: Sorting Pom-Poms With Tweezers

We've been working
on our fine motor skills...

Mini-Saurus likes using the small tweezers
with her metallic pom-poms.

Notice how she'll transfer
the tweezers between her dominate
and non-dominate hand.

She's sorting them into an
IKEA flower ice cube tray.

On a side note:
Our kitty Elly likes to steal the pom-poms
and meow around the house
(think 2 am)
in the middle of the night with them.

They may not be
on the learning shelves
much longer!


The Activity Mom said...

Ha ha we don't have a cat, just a big dog who keeps eating the dry beans in our sensory tub. =)
B just started transfering pom poms too and is having a great time!

Bridgett said...

LOL...kitties always find the most inconvenient thing to play with.

I think both my kids could benefit from this though.

My son has autism and his fine motor skills definitely aren't where they should be.


Anonymous said...

This is so creative! Where did you get those tweezers?

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

The mini plastic tweezers came with a play doctor set or they might be from my older daughter's plastic frog dissection set.

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