Monday, November 23, 2009

Play Time: Farm In Our Playroom

When the girls were stuck inside
with the swine flu a few weeks ago,
we had to get creative and come up with some
new quiet games to play.

With cold weather and long afternoons ahead,
I thought this might be fun for some of your households as well.

We decided to build a farm.
First we collected all of our barns,
barnyard critters, fences, and trucks/tractors
from the playroom menagerie.

I put a big piece of green felt from my art studio
on the floor and added some smaller squares of brown and tan.

We cut a duck pond out of some blue felt
and lined it with pebbles
from one of our sensory boxes.

We planted some acorns
and plastic greenery as our crops.

The Frog Princess helped her Polly Pocket
deliver this baby sheep.

I'm hoping to make some wooden pumpkins soon
(and perhaps a few hay bails) to add to our crops.

The girls and I played for hours (for several afternoons) with the farm.

I packed up all of the supplies in one box
so we can set it up again easily.

Daisy the cat guarding our farm.


Lily Boot said...

that's so lovely! I remember afternoons like that when I was little - when all the energy and time is right and whole worlds are created and loved. I hope your farm box brings many more hours of fun.

The Activity Mom said...

Very fun and creative!

BranFlakes said...

I just love this!

Georgine said...

Daisy is a good cat. Isabel (one of three our our cats) would have plopped herself down right in the middle, and maybe even carried one of the animals off!

Our Cozy Little Book Corner said...

that is adorable!

Keek said...

You are so amazing!!! I so wish I could be so creative and fun! Thank you so much for many many inspirations!

Kari said...

Great farm!

I love the idea of incorporating the stones and the acorns.

We need to add more natural items into our play.

Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh goodness...... I LOVE the duck pond! Beautiful!


marissa said...

oh that looks so fun, when I have more room after we move I'll have to do something similar for the nieces

Mari-Ann said...

This is awesome!! I love all the little details!

teachmama said...

love it. everything you do over there is tiny, cool, and exciting. Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully you're done w/ colds and flu for the wintertime...

Amanda said...

First this is just adorable! Madison would go ga-ga over it!

Thanks for stopping by Funny Days and I have to say I feel the same way about your blog. Every time I stop it's the "oh! Why didn't I think of that!" moments!

I hope your family has a wonderful holiday season!


Laura said...

I love this idea! My boys love playing farm - this would be perfect for them. We need more animals/fencing, etc. - just wondering where you got most of yours?

Laura said...

p.s. and where did you get that adorable circle rug? love the colors!

Pink & Green Mama said...


The brown rounded fencing is from PlayMobil and came with a small farm set my daughter received for Christmas last year. We also have some Fisher Price Little People fencing in there, as well as some segments of fence that came with our Breyer horse barn.

You can get really cute (and cheap!! -- like a dollar or two) fencing at Walmart in the craft aisle or any local craft store. It's wooden and looks like a mini picket fence with wire running through it. I like it because it's more natural looking and you can bend and shape it into circles, squares, rectangles, whatever you need!! I have some that we painted black and use in our little Halloween village in October. I just set up our mini Christmas village and might get some more fencing to paint white and add some sparkles to....the girls love it!

Happy Farming and thanks for commenting!

pink and green mama

SkylarKD said...

SO cool!! My daughter would spend hours playing with that farm. I'm bookmarking it for later!

Lindsey Muth said...

Insanely cool! I just found your blog from MommyD's (we were both included in her 10 sweet friends list) and I just LOVE your blog! My lil guy will be 2 in a month and he's really excited to do crafts every day. I need ideas and you have them in scores! So cute & caring, I love everything I see, the aesthetic as well. Ok, I'm gushing. I'll go now :)

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