Friday, December 18, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Stocking Stuffer Exchange

is hosting the
Handmade Stocking Swap 2009.
I had 14 kids to make goodies for
ranging in age from
10 months old to 6 years old!!

I made a Crinkle Fleece Star
for the 10 month old.

Felt pouches for each of the three
1 year-olds containing
my Rainbow

And finally...did you guess it?

for all of the big kids.

I saved mini plastic bottles
from drive-through chocolate milk
(thank you Burger King)
and small water bottles
to use as our rice bottles.

I made a big batch of rainbow rice
with the girls.

Then we added tiny goodies
to the rice and bottles:
birthday candles, paper clips,
pom-poms, mini toothpick flags,
beads, polly pocket shoes,
a shiny penny, feathers, etc.

I super-glued the lids
onto the bottles
so there won't be any spills!

What are you putting in
your stockings this year?!


Maman Tattoo said...

My daugther is still small and we don't have a lot of money so I'm putting little toys she already has but are hiden from rotation.

Johanna said...

i think you are amazing! honestly, every time i check your blog i'm just blown away by your creativity and ideas. i love the idea of a home made eye spy bottle- genius!

Holly said...

The mini I spy bottle are a great idea.My son would flip for this!
Holly @ 504 Main

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