Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homemade Christmas: Glue Snowman Ornament

Let me start out by explaining
that Mini-Saurus'
favorite color is Pink.

She also
LOVES glue.

This craft project resulted from
some un-supervised craft time
(I was unloading the dishwasher)
while the Mini-Saurus was "working"
in the art studio in our kid's art corner.

She got a piece of pink paper,
and was supposed to be gluing
some scraps of paper, tissue, etc. as a collage.

I guess she unscrewed the glue bottle lid
and poured two-thirds
of the contents
onto her paper.

Then, she carefully replaced the cap
and proudly came to get me
and showed me her giant glue puddle.

She called it a snowman.
She was right, it did look like a snowman.

I didn't want to burst her bubble
so I said, "let's add some buttons
and we can hang it on the
Christmas tree when it's all dry!"

So, she added buttons
and I cut out a mini orange foam nose.

After many days of drying....
we ended up with this
adorable little guy.

I just cut him out and the pink paper
adds a nice splash of color!
I think a bunch of these guys
in Rainbow colors
would be adorable
(especially on a preschool tree!)

This is a classic craft
that is usually done on waxed paper

I smile every time I see our
little pink snowman
on the tree.


Linda said...

So sweet!

danita said...

sweet! snowmen can be any color, i think!

Rebecca said...


Kari said...

I think our daughters are sisters!!! My big girl LOVES "creating" with glue. We have projects that have taken weeks to dry.

Have you given your Mini-Saurus the glitter glue yet?? ;) It's divine (but takes even longer to dry).

Jessica said...

Adorable...I love its pinkness!

teachmama said...

I love this--LOVE it--and will definitely try it after the holidays.

MaryLea--can we hang out and can you finally be my bff at SITS in Baltimore?! Please, please say you're going...

Thankfully Thrifty said...


Melissa said...

This is so cute! My little guy is a big fan of glue as well. I think it's adorable when they come up with art activities on their own. Her project turned out great!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! How cute!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Love the snowman!

Stopping by from SITS!

Mama King said...

Sweet! I like how you could see the beauty in her pink glue blob...reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

Yarni Gras! said...

I love that! When I was a kid I ADORED white glue (no, I didn't eat it...) But I would make puddles and drops, etc. of it on paper....and color them with magic marker when they dried. Ha!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my fave free art for preschoolers: Add food coloring to glue. Put foil on a cardboard backing (or the round insert from a frozen pizza). Let the kids draw with the colored glue on the foil. After many days of drying, you have a fancy poster.

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