Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Homemade Christmas Baby Gift: Crinkle, Crinkle Little Star

I am participating in a fun Christmas
stocking stuffer exchange
with several other bloggy families.

I've been whipping up some fun
home-made crafty goodies
for the kiddos.
(They are a variety of ages, so I've made
different projects for each age group.)

I have a 10 month old
as one of my exchange recipients,
(as well as an adorable 7 month old niece!)

I made a couple of these sweet
little fleece crinkle stars
for the (baby) girls.
Do you recognize the fabric from our

I just cut out two identical stars
with my pinking shears,
then sewed around the edges with my
sewing machine and added some
crinkly cellophane in the center.

A soft, baby-safe, crinkly toy.

Pssst... just add some cat nip and they
would make great toys for any
kitties on your xmas list!
(I'll post my kitty catnip mice later!)


Mama King said...

I love the rainbow fleece! It is so Pink & Green Mama! Great idea. I have a few wee ones on my Christmas list this year...

Rebecca said...

What a sweet idea! I love this!

Amy said...

Merry SITSmas. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours. It makes me wish I could sew. I'm definitely subscribing because I think I can glean some great ideas from here.

Morgan said...

Cute idea! Babies always seem to love the way crinkly stuff feels in their mouth as well as the noise it makes while they're gumming it.

T said...

Merry SITSmas!

Thank you for stopping by, I love your site and added you to my blog list.

I forsee kitty stocking stuffers.

Jamie said...

What a great idea! And so cute!

Theta Mom said...

OMG! How cute is that?!

lady said...

Holla holla what a great idea. I made my little guy a taggie square and I wish I had put crinkly in it. Next one I guess.

mandy said...

so cute!
stocking stuffer exchange! that is right up my alley.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

My cats would LOVE those! Maybe they will stop climbing the tree. I have one who will just sit behind it, but the other two are going crazy. Luckily, I planned ahead and only recycled ornaments went on it this year. A toddler and three cats? Yes... not Christmas tree weather. ;)

Have a beautiful night!

Love Val

Bridgett said...

That is so gorgeous!

Chica and Jo said...

Will have to make these for my 6 month old for Christmas!

Holly said...

Woot! I just whipped up a couple of these for my littlest and a mini-nephew -- they turned out super cute. I don't really know what cellophane is, but my empty cereal bag worked well. Heh.

Thanks for sharing the great idea!

Meg Baxter said...

I've always wondered: are these homemade crinkly toys washable, or would the water stick around inside the toy and make it moldy?

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Meg -- I've never had a problem with washing the toy but I only use just a little bit of cellophane and I don't put it in the dryer - was more worried about it melting!


Meg Baxter said...

ha! Good point. :)

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