Friday, December 11, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Catnip Mice

(Daisy the Cat)

(Elly the cat...yes, we have matching cats!)

We happen to have
two furry household members
who like to be included
in the Christmas festivities.

I used left-over fleece scraps
from my
Crinkle Crinkle Little Star
project to make some
cat nip mice
for our two kitties Daisy and Elly!

I stuffed them with
cellophane for extra crunchy crinkles
and LOTS of dried cat nip.

I hand sewed (very tightly)
two little fleece ears and a ribbon tail
perfect for tossing those mousies in the air!

As all things cat nip go in our house...
the Christmas "gifts" were discovered and opened early
by our furry girls.

(I also made a couple for my mom's cats)
They sure do like their new toys!

Do you make gifts for your
furry family members?


Georgine said...

I had christmas fabric left from my daughter's tree skirt, so I sewed up simple triangles that I still have to fill with catnip. I haven't yet, because I figure I will be bombarded when I open up the catnip container. Your mice are way cuter than my triangles, and I never thought of stuffing with cellophane.

Cat said...

these are soo cute. Thanks so much for sharing..

I'd like to invite you over to my blog/shoppe to enter to win a pretty pink wrap apron..

Apron Strings by PaisleyCat

Have a great Friday..

Shore Debris said...

Those catnip treats are so cute!

Yes, my furry household member gets more presents than my husband! I'm working on some dog treats (homemade) and making green stuffed bones (with an old green sweatshirt that had a run-in with bleach) with squeakers and adorned with a red christmas tree made from scraps from a set of trivets I made for my mom. (Actually, every dog on the street is getting one of these bones.)

By the way, I love your froggy fairy lunch box!

Lace said...

Aww, aren't you the sweetest making your kitter cats gifts? You've got your USEFUL crafty pants on, my friend & I like it! I'm just buying my boyfriend's pup some tennis balls to chew :)

**you should totally link this up on the Holiday How To on mine & Summer's blogs! People would love it!**

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We sure do! Our three cats (who do NOT match) each get a stuffed mouse, or a stuffed piece of felt for Christmas with catnip. It is already bought for them for this year. :)

Love Val

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