Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Make A Play Felt Igloo

If you ever need to make a play felt igloo, here you go.

Easy, peasy directions.

NOTE: Sorry the photos are so dark,
I was sewing in my studio on a gray and snowy day.

I based my design on a basic hat pattern,
so if you need to wear your igloo as a hat you can do that too!

(Note: If you want to learn how to make a hat,
check out my good bloggy friend Val's post here

First, I sketched out two semi-circles with a sharpie on felt.

Cut them out and cut out a small "V" shaped notch
at the top of each piece.

Stitch up each "V" to create pleats.

Sew the (2) wrong sides together and inside-out your igloo.

Then cut out a small doorway.

It should look like this...

Using a scrap of your felt,
fold it over (like bias tape) and stitch around the doorway
to reinforce it and give it more of an "igloo look"

Then, I added a second scrap around the bottom edge
to help it stand up better, and a few stitched
(horizontal and vertical) white seams
 (with the sewing machine) to make it look like ice blocks.
Happy (Felty) Sewing!


Stacy said...

Very cute! I love your blog. I've nominated you for an award at http://bubblesballoonsandblessings.blogspot.com/2010/01/lemonade-stand-award.html

otthonoktatás said...

I clicked! :)


Infant Bibliophile said...

I love this - so creative! But I would also love a how to for the hat pattern. I have never made a hat. :)

pink and green mama said...

You can learn how to make a hat in Amanda Blake Soule's book "Handmade Home" (check your library) that's where I learned!! : )

pink and green mama

gina said...

Oh my gish, this may be just what i need for when we get to the magic treehouse book about polar bears!! i'm bookmarking this page.

Kristine said...

I imagine an eskimo would love to live in a little felt igloo.

Jimmie said...

So stinking cute. My Sprite will adore this. She's now old enough to start making her own felt crafts. Will show her this.

Lanie said...

So cute! I am glad you stopped by to enter my giveaway. I had seen your name here and there in the blogosphere and didn't take the time to drop in. I'm glad I did this morning! I love your stuff! I really love the family artwork you made. The colors are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more! ~Lanie

Lesley said...

I am so inspired by this. I have been musing much on how to honor my daughter's ethnicity through the toys she plays with. There is just nothing out there for her.
I am going to use your pattern to make a felt yurt. It will probably appear on my blog sometime in February along with some people and a camel. Thanks Lesley


pink and green mama said...


I would love to see your Yurt if you make one! Is your daughter from Mongolia? Just wondering since you mentioned yurts and a camel ; )

Please email me or post a comment when you make or post one, I would LOVE to see a picture!!

I can picture a really cute felt play set with a felt camel and people in traditional dress. Such a fun idea!

pink and green mama

Mommy Kennedy said...

Coming by through SITS!

Great ideas! I need to start following you more because I'm certainly NOT the crafty mama!

beth said...

Thanks for "recharging my battery". After 20+ years in the daycre biz I needed it.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Thanks Beth!! : ) Have fun, I've got lots of goodies in my archives.

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