Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Play Mat

When we were snowed in here
on the east coast over winter break,
the girls and I needed
some good warm indoor fun.

The Winter Box from last year
was too messy with the rice
and was losing it's mystique.

I wanted a way for the girls
to explore the "snow"
without making a mess.

So... I made this little
winter play mat
some organic cotton
quilt batting
as the frozen tundra,

a scrap of
iridescent fabric
from my stash for the frozen pond,

and a white felt igloo.

The elves, penguins,
and arctic critters
have been playing very
nicely together.

It has also been a lovely
wintery addition
to Fairy Land!

Let it snow,
Let it snow,
Let it snow!


The Activity Mom said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Ticia said...

way too cute. What do you do with all of these play sets you make when they're done playing with them?

Christy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I want to know the answer to Ticia's question too!

sarah in the woods said...

This is really cute! And I love your little mushroom houses too - I want to make those!

Mama King said...

So much creativity going on at your house. I love it! I esp. like the pond :-)

Musical Mama said...

What a fun idea! I gave you the Lemonade Stand Award over on my blog! Thanks for sharing your family and ideas!



Kristine said...

what a magical way of playing

diana Adams said...

now it's actually snowing outside!

love your blog, darling. and thanks for your visit yesterday.

pink and green mama said...

Hi Ladies!

I store the various play mats and props in different theme bins and baskets on shelves in our playroom.

We have one a big basket full of Fairy Land things, one bin for silk scarves, one bin for the farm stuff, the ocean box is on a shelf in the playroom stacked with the rainbow rice sensory box, etc. Of course the girls borrow things from various boxes if they are needed for a particular story/plot line but when we're done playing the things all go back to their original homes/bins/baskets.

I like to keep our playroom organized like a classroom, everything has a place or a home of it's own and it's labeled clearly with photos so the girls know where to put everything and where to find it. It makes cleaning up the playroom quick and easy.

I hope this answers your questions!!

pink and green mama

angela | the painted house said...

Seriously, Girl, you ROCK! Can I be your daughter? What wonderful memories your children will have of their childhood. You are doing good, Momma!

gina said...

Where did you get all of the tiny artic critters?

pink and green mama said...

Hi Gina!

The little arctic set was in a tube of mini critters at Michaels craft store. The bigger arctic animals and santa are from a Play Mobil advent set. I made some of the mini penguins out of fimo modeling clay, and some of the tiny fuzzy snowmen are from Michaels in the Christmas crafts area.

If there's anything in particular you're looking for just let me know!

pink and green mama

Bridgett said...

Too cute for words!

Kat said...

Love your site. Everything you do looks like so much fun. Lucky girls!

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