Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cardboard Boats Sneak Peak

I've been a busy bee
snowed in with my girlies...
prepping for our
Pirates and Mermaids
birthday party this weekend.

When you can't get to the store
(who am I kidding...when you can't
even get to the mailbox!)
you have to get creative
and use what you have.

One of my girlfriends
actually brought me
glue sticks for my glue gun
during the storm
(thank you Holly!)

Here's a look at my kitchen table
last week,
my little box cutter and I
have been very busy!

More details and photos
to come after the party. : )


Bethany said...

Pirates and Mermaid Birthday party is genius. My kids b-days are only 2.5 weeks apart and I can't bring myself to do two separate parties (I know the day is coming when they'll ask for it, but in the meantime...)

I can't wait to see the pictures from the party and possible steal an idea or two...or all of them. :)

Breanne Lombardo said...

I'd love to see your boat template, if you don't mind. I teach Kindermusik, and these boats would be perfect to have on hand! :)

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