Tuesday, February 2, 2010

* Feel Better Felt Band-Aids For Play

Felt band-aids...
why didn't I think of these last year for our Doctor Birthday Party?!

My sweet little Mini-Saurus "C"
woke up with the croup in the wee hours this morning (ugh).

We spent time in my bathroom cuddling with the shower steam,
then followed it up with some quality time doing a saline treatment on our nebulizer.

Checking out the purple dinosaur mask on our nebulizer this morning.

While we were having our wee-morning rendez-vous
she announced that her Froggy needs some band-aids for her ouchy toe.
She made me promise to make her some in the morning.
Whatever helps HER feel better!

So, after a cup of very strong coffee this morning,
we sat down together at the sewing machine
and came up with these little felt band-aids.

I cut out some tan felt rectangles.

Then, rounded the corners with my scissors and sewed on white felt square pads.

My coughing and hacking sewing assistant
and I whipped up several different sizes for various dolls and stuffed animal friends.

No fingers were injured in the making of this project.

She also asked for some toilet paper for her Froggy.

They're both working on their potty training!

So, I sewed a small felt strip with stitching at regular intervals for the squares.
And no, it is not quilted... it is single-ply.

She's been rolling it up all morning (good fine motor practice)

Froggy watched us working.
She tried out one of our new band-aids on her knee.

I added velcro to one side of each band-aid to help them stick together.
I only had white velcro in my sewing basket so we colored it "tan"with a permanent marker to blend in.

Feel better sweet pea!

Check out this 
ADORABLE Felt Doctor's Kit my bloggy friend, Cheryl,
from SEW CAN DO 
made for her sweet kiddos --  she says she was inspired by my band-aids!!

I LOVE THE CAST (with signatures!!)
and the bag... and the x-ray... and the blood pressure cuff... go check it out! 


jlbee said...

aw, these are adorable! feel better little one!!!

learningandlivingbyfaith said...

My daughter loves band-aids! I think she has an obsession with them! ;) This is such a cute, easy, fun project. Thanks for sharing! I think we'll pick up some felt today!



Amy said...

Very cute and what a great idea!

marty said...

Dear Pink and Green Mama, your crafts are great, very great, I'm totaly in love with the crafts. Your girls are so lucky to have a mother who has a spinning idea head. I keep following your blog, it's a great moment of the day.

Creative love from the Netherlands!

Kylie said...

THese are delightful and I sure hope Sweet Pea is feeling better soon.

Our Country Road said...

Perfect idea! Thank you for sharing!!

Ticia said...

oh, I love this idea. I've been thinking about doing similar for my kids who constantly have "owies...."

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Logan is just getting over croup! It stinks! (He has that same mask though. lol!)

Cute project. I like the velcro idea. I was wondering how you could get them to 'stick'.

{{{hugs}}} to you and Sweet Pea. Croup is a horrible way to spend the day.

Love Val

Johanna said...

you are such a good mama. hope you little on and her froggy feel better soon

vanessa said...

I love this idea! My daughter would love having these added to her doctor kit!

Angie@treasures for tots said...

This is so cute! I linked on my Treasures for Tots Facebook Fan page!

I hope your sweet baby feels better real soon!

Jenny said...

Poor baby :( My daughter has RSV and is coughing, but feels fine. I hope your daughter feels better soon!

These are awesome! My daughter would love this!

Brandy @ The Moody Fashionista said...

What an adorable idea. We LOVE felt projects!

Katherine Robb said...

I absolutley love those band aids! I hope your little one feels better soon!

danita said...

hope she feels better soon! the band aids are clever!

Hanneke Nelson said...

I love your bandaids! My daughter loves to play with bandaids and on occasion (until I put them far, far away) raids my supply. I think I am going to make her some of these.

I hope your daughter is feeling better.

Jill said...

What a FUN idea! My little ones love playing with Band Aids and I would feel much better letting them have these! Thanks for the cute idea!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Came over via Treasures for Tots - what a cute idea, and I hope your little one is "all better" by now! I linked to this on my weekly roundup - thanks so much for sharing!

Cheryl said...

Love this! Now I want to put together a whole felt Dr's office! LOL.

LJ said...

What a great idea.

Hope your little one feels better soon. Croup is awful. x

Toilet Paper said...
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The Sewing Dork said...

Found this link to your post via the Grosgrain blog, too cute!!!!

Heather said...

I love your Feel Better bandage idea! We made some too when my little man broke his arm. I also wanted to let you know we posted your picture with a link to your blog on our blog. welovebeingmoms.blogspot.com. Thanks for the great idea and for sharing!:)

Jill @ A Mom With a Lesson Plan said...

Your poor baby! Those band aids are perfect! Little M is always putting real band aids on her animals and dolls. (I have to hide the band aid box or there would be none left for real ouchies.)

Team Craftwell said...

This is the sweetest idea! Thank you for sharing!

Team Craftwell

kristin said...

i love the felt bandaids! i made some for my daughter + shared the link here: www.babiekinsmag.com/mr-lion ... thank you!!

Kellie said...

these are too cute. thanks for sharing :)

Tron said...

It warmed my heart to see such sweetness! It looks like you and your little one make a great team <3 Thank you for sharing this!

mandi said...

These are so cute! Saw them on pinterest and thought they were a wonderful idea! I'll have to make some for my little guy's stuffed animals.

Blue Star Vermont said...

Thanks for a wonderful idea. I am sharing this post on Pinterest with a link to your blog to spread good word of you there.

Anonymous said...

Saves pulling off furr with regular band aids! And I love how u made toilet paper for it too cause I know when I was little I used real toilet paper and even occasionally went psssssssssssss like it was peeing admit it we have all been there

Ted and/or Laura said...

Hi, I would like permission to "pin" this to my Pinterest board (linking back to your blog). Thank you.

Verity {belle bébés} said...

We love your tutorial over at belle bébés! We included it in this feature http://bit.ly/V7czds

Helen Johnston said...

Wow the bandaids are such a fantastic idea and are so many that would love these.

I have over 30 mums that make for our online shop and I would love to be able to include these in our range... would that be possible more than happy to link back to your blog?

allie said...

I love that you're embracing the pretend toilet paper! Its a topic that is so important to children, and one they are eager to explore. Sorry your little one isn't feeling well, but I'm glad you spent such quality, imaginative time together!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Yes Allie, Playing with toilet paper and "potty" role play is very important for toddlers!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


You are welcome to link to the idea of my band aids but I am NOT comfortable with your group making my bandaids and selling them for profit in a shop. Please see my copyright policy at the bottom of this blog regarding the sale of my ideas for profit.

Thank you for respecting my intellectual property.



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