Monday, February 22, 2010

* Felt Happy Birthday Banner

We had a very busy weekend.
The Mini Saurus celebrated her birthday!

The felt birthday banner made by yours truly
is finished and hanging between our kitchen table and the family room...
(same place as the advent countdown)

It will get more use in two weeks for the Frog Princess' 7th birthday.

Mini Saurus was actually due ON the Frog Princess' birthday...
thank goodness I have my babies early.
I don't think I could take back-to-back birthday parties around here!

So much love in one little room.

We had a much quieter celebration, a just the four of us day
for her "real" birthday.

I need to make 2 felt birthday crowns for next year!

Working on her new Kumon activity book (she loves it!)
Thank you Grammy and Grandpa!

One last cupcake before bed.
More to come… I promise!



childhood magic said...


Kelly Jo @Typing One Handed said...

The sign is SO CUTE! All the decorating is great, and the kids look like they had a great time.
Stopping by from SITS.

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday!!
Remember some time ago when you asked how you might earn some money from all this - how about throwing birthday parties? I would *so* hire you to plan one for us!

Jen said...

Great birthday pics! Love the banner and the idea that it can be used over and over again. Thanks for posting.

Creative and Curious Kids!

Kristen said...

Awww...so sweet! What a good Mama you are and happy birthday to your sweet girl. : )

Can I ask where you buy your felt? I would love to make a banner like this!

trixi said...

The banner looks great! It's such a fun thing to bring out year after year.

gina said...

How darling!! Happy birthday little one. :)

I have a birthday coming next week, then a break until what I call the birthday sweeps- my husband in may and then the last three girls, one a month, for june, july, and august. Quick break and then me in October.

Jen said...

Love the banner. It's charming and has tons of longevity! Looks like a very fun party.

Elise said...

What a lovely, festive, hand made birthday banner.

The cupcake card with real sprinkles was gorgeous.

jlbee said...

looks like a great party! this blog was featured on the crafty crow this morning, and i thought of your post - timely:
have a great day! xo!

Wellspring Community School said...

Banners are such a festive birthday decoration, I love them! Last year for my daughter's party we had panels prepared ahead of time with grommets in them. Each guest got one to decorate with fabric paints as the activity, and then we tied them together with ribbon and hung it up. We look forward to adding to it for years to come!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Your amazing! What a great party! You would fit right in with my group of friends. Oh how I wish you were closer!



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