Monday, February 1, 2010

Upcycled Valentine Crayon Hearts: HeARTs full of Art

Several friends have called me to
ask if I'm making my
crayon heARTs
again this year...

and YES!

This is the time of year
when my house
smells like the Crayola Factory.

I've made these
with my girls
for the past 4 years.

It has become a family tradition.
They really are hearts full of art!

I love this craft because
it allows us to peel our broken
crayon bits,
recycle the paper wrappers
and melt down the old crayons
to make new
HeART-Felt Gifts for our
special school friends.

I use this metal heart pan every year.
This year, I finally got my act together
and used a non-stick
(peanut free)
vegetable cooking spray!

to take them
out of the pan
this year.


My mini-assistant
lining the cookie sheet
with aluminum foil
for spills.

(Don't worry, the pan was
still cool at this point!
No children were burned
in the making of this craft)

Because we always make our crayons
this time of year,
it's an easy process.

We bake them in the oven at low heat
(around 275)
for approximately 5 minutes
until they melt.

Then I put them outside on our deck
to cool off since it is in the 20's and 30's here.

They are cool in about 5 minutes,
pop right out of the cold pan
then I spray the heart pan
with more non-stick spray
put in new crayon bits
and throw the next batch in the oven.

Lather, rinse, repeat. : )

My lovely heart pan,
when we're all done.
Back in the cupboard till next year's
Valentine Caryon Heart making session.



Rebecca said...

These are so cute! They'd make a great gift!

pink and green mama said...


Spray the pan before you start and re-spray between each batch so the crayon wax doesn't stick!

Happy Melting!


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

My mom and I used to do a version of these when I was little; but yours turn out wayyyyy prettier. What is it that makes them so glossy? I don't remember mine ever turning out like that when I was a kid.

These would be great for my little one; at her age, they'd be easier to hold than a standard crayon!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Cara said...

I was planning on doing something like this to give out as a party favor for my son's school Valentine's party, but I've never actually done it before. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and "recipe"! Can't wait to make them!

Kim said...

How do you package these?

Infant Bibliophile said...

I'm planning to do these this year too! Bought my muffin cups today. Did you see the free downloadable card that they attach heart crayons to with a little saying like "hope your valentine's day is colorful"?

Brittany said...

I love this! And here's an adorable way to add it to a valentine: http://thelongthread.com/?p=5646

Thanks for all the great craftiness!

Brittany said...

Here's an adorable way to put it on a valentine! http://thelongthread.com/?p=5646

Thanks for all the great craftiness!

Tracy said...

We just did this activity for our church nursery. It was a fun way to introduce service projects to my kids. Now the nursery has brand new star shaped crayons (great for nubby little toddler hands!)
Peeling the paper is definitely an advanced fine motor skill. My nails are all chipped!
Thanks for sharing another fun activity!

Lori Boggs said...

I made these yesterday with my daughter - they were a big hit! We loved them so much, we are going to make them to give out to friends on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the great idea!

Leslie said...

So cute! any ideas on how to do something like this without the heart pan? (living overseas)

pink and green mama said...


Depending on where you are overseas. A few ideas that come to mind include melting the crayons in mini paper or foil muffin/cupcake cups (see the project results here:http://www.mypapercrane.com/blog/?p=1808)

You can use any shape of a cupcake/muffin style pan.

Or...you could shape aluminum foil into small cups or heart shapes.

You could also try melting some crayons in the sun (if it's hot where you are) in cookie cutters on a plate.

Another idea is if you have any candy canes left over from Christmas you can break them up and place them in heart shapes, bake at low heat for a short time in the oven on a foil covered cookie sheet and they'll be heart shapes.

Good luck! I'd love to hear back from you to see what you come up with.

pink and green mama

Gigi said...

I've been wanting to try these too, and am hoping they turn out alright when I make them in the heart-shaped silicone ice cube trays I found at the "dollar spot" at Target! Okay, they were in the $2.50 area, but they are definitely worth experimenting with since I couldn't find a heart-shaped tin. Thanks for the great ideas. I love all the things you do with your girls!

Leslie said...

ooh! I just saw your ideas in response to my question - I'm going to try some of these, I'll let you know how it goes :)

Leslie said...

We had fun with crayons today - I blogged about it and linked to you! Thanks so much for the tips! We had a few mishaps that aren't in my post - we tried the candy canes, but I think I let it stay in the oven too long and it ran all over the pan. Also making cups out of aluminum foil did not seem to work too well either, but I wasn't very skilled at making a good cup. We did put cookie cutters in the oven with foil wrapped around them and that worked perfectly. All in all it was lots of fun and the boys loved it.

Jessica said...

I should really consider making these one year--I have the pan!

I've shied away from crayon crafts ever since making "stained glass" hearts a few years ago--which resulted in melted, fuchsia-colored crayon wax staining my ironing board cover!!

Oh--and I'm in PA (where we, too, are in the midst of thigh-high snow!)

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