Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painting and Making Homemade Wooden Toys and Animals

With all of the crazy snow last month and no school,
we've spent A LOT of time in the art studio.

The girls and I have been painting (with watercolor and decorating with sharpies)
little wooden friends for our block center.



Bears that "C" insists are Bunnies.

More Cats. Houses. Little Friends.

I got out my wood burning tool to add a few eyes, smiles, and paw prints.

Painting on snow days is best done in PJs after breakfast.

Some of our new wooden friends.

We sealed them with beeswax, rubbed off the excess with a soft cloth
and got to work playing with them with our blocks.

I used Three BEEautiful Bees All Natural Beeswax Wood Polish

I ordered my wooden shapes from Casey's Wood Products.
We used the
Happy Crafting!


trixi said...

I can't believe you are still snowed in (as you may realize I have no idea about snow or what it is likely to do or not). Anyways it seems that your kids are probably quite happy to be off school with everything going on at your place!

sippy cup mom said...

I really like this idea, my girls could paint for hours, thanks- Karen
Sippy Cup Central

-Check our my homemade bouncy balls, I think you will like them.

and jello volcano= these are fun snow days activities.

jlbee said...

super cute! i think wood, watercolors, and sharpies (or paper, watercolors, and sharpies) are my favorite mediums ever! also wanted to share my super easy wood creme recipe with you incase you want to make your own sometime - fun & thrifty!

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