Thursday, March 11, 2010

* Rainbow Birthday Party Highlights: Rainbow Jello Tutorial

To celebrate my sweet baby girl's birthday, her little sister and I will 
be delivering a special snack to her class.
My non-conformist little artist, did not want cupcakes, or cookies, or brownies....
She asked me to make RAINBOW jello!

So, two days of prep and
9 boxes of jello later.... 
3 of each flavor:
Cherry Red
Lemon Yellow
and Berry Blast Blue
(we made about 32 cups of jello)

The primary colors create the illusion of orange and green
where they meet - like a true spectrum!

You may notice that we made some of the cups in Red/Yellow/Blue order
and the other half in Blue/Yellow/Red order... no difference, just two different looks!

This would be a fun treat for home or your classroom for St. Patrick's Day!

and.... yes ladies and gentleman, I've got a  fresh can of whipped cream
I'll be bringing along! : )

I'm bringing along copies of THIS great rainbow poem/writing activity from Let's Explore
for her friends to work on during snack!
NOTES: The plastic cups are #1s  so we can recycle them after the kids enjoy their snack!

Plan ahead and leave yourself time to make the cups...
Let each layer set up in the fridge before adding the next color...

(and don't make my rookie mistake and break your favorite pyrex measuring cup
adding cold water to your hot cup after it boiled water in the microwave!)


Mama King said...

I am so glad you posted this. I was planing on making rainbow Jello for my daughter's St Patrick's Day party. I was going to do it in a trifle bowl but may now do it individual. How cool to get your own rainbow! I may have to tape a gold coin to each cup! Thanks!!! You rock!

Grace T. said...

You are incredible! Every time that I think that you've outdone yourself, you go and outdo yourself! :)

Miss J received your note in the mail yesterday. She was tickled beyond belief.

I hope that the Frog Princess has a splendid birthday and I'm sure that she will be thrilled with the surprise.

Warm regards,

Carla S said...

How fun are those! I love that she didn't want cupcakes! And those are super cute and just plain happy! Happy Birthday, Frog Princess!

gina said...

Mama kina and pink and green- you guys so just inspired me to make these for my girls classes for St. Patty's day!!! thanks!

SeaminglySarah said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Many years ago I saw a multi colored/layered jello dessert at an old friend's house. I suspected you just made the layers one at a time, but I never asked and for years have wanted to make it myself. Thanks for the confirmation on how to do it. =)

SkylarKD said...

Fantastic snack idea! Kudos to your gal for thinking of it! We've made it in a big bowl before, but the individual cups add such a nice touch.

Jen said...

I love this. We are going to do it at my son's preschool. How many servings did you get out of the 9 boxes (9 boxes right?) I also noticed the top picture is red on the bottom but the bottom pictures you did blue on the bottom. Does one work better than the other? Am I over-thinking this? Probably! :)

Yarni Gras! said...

terrific idea!

pink and green mama said...


I'm pretty sure I got approx. 32 cups out of the 9 boxes of jello... I had to eyeball them to get them to come out even.

It doesn't matter what order you layer the colors in -- we did them in both RED/Yellow/Blue order AND
Blue/Yellow/Red order to see how they would turn out! It was pretty both ways ; )

Good Luck and Have Fun!

pink and green mama

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