Thursday, April 22, 2010

* Family Field Trip: Hillwood Museum and Gardens

Happy Earth Day!
Today I'll do a photo-heavy show and tell of our field trip we took yesterday
to enjoy a little bit of this beautiful planet.

Yesterday, I pulled both of my girls
out of school to play hooky for the day and to take a family field trip
to the Hillwood Museum and Gardens in Washington DC.

Both Grandmothers (extra special treat!), Aunt D, baby cousin "A"
and a good family friend accompanied us.

Today's post isn't really an "ART" post but I'll share with you 
our outdoor adventure we had yesterday.

Get ready for LOTS of photos!
(Thank you mom and MIL for bringing cameras,
it was all I could do to get two kids dressed and out of the house 
before 7:30am and into DC on time!)

We did spend part of our time in Marjorie Merriweather Post's mansion, now a museum,
studying her extensive decorative art collection from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Mostly porcelain, faberge eggs, 
chalices, oil paintings, dishes, gowns, jewelry, crystal - bling, bling, and more bling!

No photos of the museum goodies, cameras have to be checked
(with umbrellas and coats) at the door of the museum. 

It was a wonderful just girls adventure albeit a bit rainy that was okay with me, 
we dressed in layers and we had the gardens practically to ourselves.

We explored her greenhouse(s)
Yes, her greenhouse had 5 sections/giant rooms.

So many pretty orchids!

Holy Orchid Vines Bat Man!

 "E" loved the texture of these leaves.

Off to explore the gardens!

Our FAVORITE spot of the day was the Japanese garden.

Umm... I can do this in my backyard right?!

Couldn't go across this walkway -- they were repairing the waterfall...
But... we could do this one

and we all LOVED it!

See all of those little black things on the rock? Those are TADPOLES!!

Not just frog tadpoles but toad tadpoles so we called them "Toad-poles" 
Har har har....sorry. 

Check out this MONSTEROUS
Jack in the Pulpit -- it wasn't all the way open yet and it was bigger than "C"s shoe!

Snack break for my favorite Niece!

After our wet and rainy garden explorations
we hit the cafe (where we had a reserved table waiting for us!)
for a delicious french lunch and fun coloring sheets. 

(Soggy) Ladies who lunch.


kristen said...

You and your girls are so beautiful! You look a lot like your Mom!

Fun day!

Jen said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! The toadpoles are incredible. Love seeing the springtime, it's still wintery in my neck of the woods.

Darby said...

here is to rainy days and flowers with wonderful ladies and adorable cousins. We had a blast! xoxo


Yay for skipping school! What a beautiful day and yes, I want my backyard to look like that too!!

Jam said...

Beautiful pictures!

Ms. Sarah said...

hi happy sits saturday. Fantstic pictures. loved the ones of you guys on the walk way.


Shawna said...

beautiful photos....you are such a good mama!
BTW, I just saw your peep show photos too cute!! I love peeps!

Aging Mommy said...

Lovely pictures - you live in a beautiful part of the country, so I can understand wanting to make the most of it. Where we live in the virtual desert it is harder to do.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest and thank you so much again for stopping by my blog today. I hope you have an equally wonderful rest of the weekend

Val in the Rose Garden said...

hey Marylea... that's called a Snow Rice Cake Plant... how weird is that!?! I had to look it up because we had one in our yard at our last house. Just showed up. No neighbors or anything knew what it was.



Looks like an amazing trip! I love the pics with the umbrellas... so cute!

Love Val

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

love the playing hookie day for education, Very nice, I have followed you a few times but have never been able to read many of your posts my son is at his grandmas for an hour or 2 first time in a long long long while, so i caught up on your site and I enjoyed it all, I will be back more frequently and if you would like to visit me at 1 Wasabi mommy come on down...

kristen said...

Hi MaryLea,

I'm wanting to order some really good watercolor paint for use with my kids...what would you recommend?

thanks so much,

pink and green mama said...

Hi Kristen,

Great Question!!

I really like to use "Prang" Watercolors with my girls. They have a beautiful set of 16 Semi-moist paints and I like them because they are bright/vivid colors and they are Certified CP NonToxic. Much more vivid than Crayola (which we also use but I like these better!)

You can go with something fancy like Yarka (my favorite) or Windsor and Newton but they're not going to be non-toxic and I don't like heavy metals (like zinc and cadmium) for little ones.

Hope this helps!

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