Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preschool At Home: Learning to Recognize Letters and Numbers

The Mini-Saurus "C" (age three) 
is fascinated with 
Numbers and Letters
right now. 

She REALLY wants to know
how to spell her name.

She can recognize it when it is 
written down--
but, she isn't quite there yet 
when it comes to writing it herself

(She's still a bit young for that)

I decided to make her a 
file-folder game
with scrapbook stickers
and some glass rocks from the dollar store.

I made her two sets:
One with her name
one with the numbers 1-10.

(Please Note: Because I don't disclose
my children's names on my my public blog,
I'm only showing you the 
"Numbers" version of this game
but trust me, the name version is super cute!)

I spelled out her name 
with stickers on the rocks,
then I traced each "rock" on a file folder
and wrote her name again in stickers.

While we're playing,
I only give her the stones with the 
letters from her name,
so she doesn't get overwhelmed.

Later, when she's a bit older,
I'll mix in other letters
and/or add other 
family member names.


Alone in Holy Land said...

This is a great idea and I think I'll do this for my daughter, too. With numbers and Latin and Hebrew letters as well.

Tia Verinha said...

Hello I make with my childrens one game...see in my blog
Tia Verinha

The Activity Mom said...

Super cute! I did this awhile ago for B but just wrote the letters with a Sharpie marker. This is WAY cuter and will last longer. Great idea!

The Activity Mom said...

I have a song I made up for my son that involves spelling his name and then his sister's. Will post soon. =)

sbswtp said...

Great Post:) I do games with the Scrapbook letters as well. (My daughter is about to be 3)

Holly Renee said...

So cute and such a great idea. How cool to see her progress in such a tangible way.

sippy cup mom said...

great idea, thanks
sippy cup central

Bethany said...

This is very cute. My daughter is almost six and already reading and writing but I think I'll incorporate this idea next year when I begin teaching her spelling words. It'll be a fun way to do something that would otherwise be a bit of a chore.

lady said...

What a cute idea! Tumblebug is only 11 months, so I have a few years before I make this for him, but I am filing it away.

When she gets ready for amounts you could trace the stones and put dots for her to match. And upper to lower case letters.

Tumblebug's whole name has 26 letters, so I sing the letters to the ABC song.

Kim said...

I run a home daycare and try to recycle when I can. I have done a similar game for each of the children by using milk cap lids and a permanent marker. I write their names on sentence strips then have them match the letters when they master the matching, the sentence strip is taken away so they can spell their name by just using the milk caps. I also do this with their home phone numbers too.

Mary Catherine said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing this idea. I like how it's not overwhelming for a child, but can be changed as needed. :)

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