Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Garden With Kids

This weekend we were busy little bees
building our new raised garden bed
in the front yard
(it gets better sun than our backyard!)

We picked a spot next to the driveway.
I just hope it actually grows and does well 
since I'm the drop off house for our CSA this year
and I don't want the farmer 
(and the other participants)
laughing at my failed gardening attempts.

The girls and I are growing our own
veggies from seed this year
so they can see how our food actually grows.

The girls painted these cute little
 wooden plant markers 
(we got them in a packet from Michaels last year)
with washable acrylic paint.

Then you just seal them with clear acrylic spray.

They look like popsicle sticks with shapes on top.

Then, I put my little first grader, "E" in charge of reading the seed packets
and writing the names on the plant markers.

My sweet hubby got to work
building us this raised "L-shaped" garden bed 
on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning, my dad drove out in his truck so we could make
two runs to get a yard of top soil and compost. 

He made it 8 feet long on the two long sides
and 4 feet long on the smaller sides 
of the "L" shape
to make it have easy access for me and the girls on all sides. 

He built it for me with non-pressure treated wood
so we won't have any yucky chemicals leach into our food.
As you can see our side yard slopes so he had to build it accordingly. 

It looks like a Heart from our driveway!
I heart my new garden : )

The finished garden bed,
built by my sweet hubby.

 for my birthday this year from my folks!)

My mini gardener "E" hard at work
labeling her plant markers.

Garden Markers
and seed packets. 

When we finished planting everything, the Frog Princess "E" and I 
sat down and drew a couple of maps
of our new garden bed for our gardening notebook.

We'll know what we planted 
and where we planted it
(since most of our plants are direct-sown seeds this year)

Next year,  we'll have our maps as a guide to see what works and what did not. 

Maybe we'll find buried treasure...(or at least a leftover onion like we did this year!)

We'll grow sunflowers in the backyard
along with our lettuce and radishes that are coming along nicely
in our planter boxes on the deck
(out of bunny reach)
herbs and tomatoes in pots by the playhouse


jenny @ let the children play said...

I love the garden markers -very cute, and what a great idea to get the kids invested. Enjoy your garden - I made a no dig garden bed at the end of last year and we had a flourishing harvest of silverbeet, tomatos, beans, all types of lettuce, mini cucumbers and zucchinis. It was beyond satisfying to go out and pick things to use on the table that day.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love this! Great job. How cute that it even looks like a heart shape! Gardening is so satisfying, isn't it!?
Rebecca of the R&W Gals

Lindsey said...

My husband just built ours too! I am so excited to grow our own vegetables this year. Its a first for me ;)
Keep us posted on how it goes!
Any suggestions on what I should plant?

pink and green mama said...


I won't tell you exactly what to plant -- but I will say to only plant what you'll actually eat! : )

Don't grow eggplants or radishes if you don't like them! It's silly to spend time growing things just because you think you "should"

We grew two different kinds of beans last year and we didn't like them at all! This year we're trying two kinds of peas -- I'm hoping they'll grow and taste like my grandma's peas!

I planted peas, onions, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, and marigolds in our little garden bed.
I'll plant my tomatoes and herbs in pots on our back deck. I've got lettuce, radishes and carrots going in little pots in the back too.

I REALLY want to start an asparagus patch this year but I think I'm too late. It takes three years to get your asparagus patch established.

Hope this helps! Let me know "how your garden grows!"

: )


Amy said...

We started our flower gardens this past week. I can't wait to start our veggie garden! I love the plant markers. I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to do thing like that!

Jen said...

So jealous. We grow cold weather crops here. Lettuce, spinach, carrots. Anytyhing that can tolerate drought and cold. it's limited. CSA....holy moly, I love your moxie. I would be freaking out. So nice to see everyone involved. Cross generational. Totally cool. Can't wait to see your results.

Lisa said...

what a sweet hubby. i have been trying to get mine to build some planter boxes for the past couple of years. your map and labels are very cute!
Can't wait to see what grows!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What a cool shaped bed! I love the expandable pea trellis... I'll have to look for that.



Jessica said...

Those markers are adorable!

Benjamin plants a garden every year...last year he grew corn that was to-die-for! We still have some of those seeds so I think we may try to plant it again!! He usually makes a scarecrow too--we'll see how he turns out this year (last year he was dressed like a soccer player!)

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