Wednesday, March 24, 2010

* Backyard Spring Fun

We've been enjoying the beautiful spring weather here.

The girls have been busy "creating" 
with nature in the backyard in their little corner
they call "Nature School"

There has been a lot of lounging with books in the grass....

Exploring flowers as they emerge
from their winter rest...

A fairy ring!

and yard/garden/house projects for mom and dad
like trying to revamp this old rug
with a coat of spray paint on the border
to revive it's sadly sun faded self 
back to a portion of it's former glory

(note to self, don't JUST tape off the edge,
next time lay out newspaper too 
so you don't get a pale ghost of over spray on the rug!)


Tricia Orchard said...

I'm a little envious! When I look out my window I still see lot of snow and we are expected to get 15-20 cm tonight (in Ontario, Canada).

I can't wait to see the grass and flowers! :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


Unfortunately this was an old post from LAST spring and something is messed up with my blog right now so it sent this post out to everyone yesterday! Today my xmas wreath advent calendar went out....something is wonky and I'm trying to fix it. Still winter here as well -- don't be jealous yet! ; )


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