Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goodies in the Mail

So pretty...

Got the best package
from Martha Miller's etsy shop
in the mail last week - saved it to open on 
Mother's Day
and it really was a wonderful little gift 
to give myself. 

Martha Miller and her daughter Lisbeth work 
together in their Maine studio.

I found them through Martha's blog (Martha Miller Art)
and I've loved her Etsy shop for quite some time...

This little art quilt (and the napkins below)
had me at hello. 

Four generations of women 
contributed to this piece.

The quilt was patched together from
fabric belonging to 
Martha's grandmother, her mother, herself and her daughter Lisbeth

So very appropriate for mother's day.

In fact, we ate dinner with it 
glowing beneath candlelight 
as our centerpiece
on Mother's day with 
three generations of women,
my mom, my two daughters, and myself
as we toasted my grandmother and great grandmothers. 

Admiring my beautiful new kitchen table centerpiece
my mother's day coffee was quite happy to be sitting there.
(in my favorite mug - painted by "E"
made by my sweet hubby and brought to me in bed
by two smiling and snuggly little girls -- the best way to wake up)

I did not take a photo at dinner -- I spent time with my family
instead of behind the camera.

You missed out on the quilt but you can 
still get some of her napkins!

Check out mine above...
such colorful cloth napkins
an artsy rainbow!  

Thank you Martha and Lisbeth
(and Martha's mama and Gramma)


Not Hannah said...

Beautiful! I love the centerpiece, especially.


The centerpiece is soo beautiful!

Lisa said...

what a beautiful gift to yourself!! I love it! what a sweet mother's day you had!!
have a great week

jlbee said...

omg, i am loving those napkins. i ordered some simple cloth ones about a week and a half ago from kara weaves and am still awaiting them in the mail. but THESE are fabu!!! you know i'm a sucker for mandalas. great quilt, as well! happy mom's day, ml!

Shawna said...

Beautiful....and so important to treat yourself to something nice!!


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