Monday, May 10, 2010

* Mother's Day Weekend Highlights

A few highlights from my perfectly delightful Mother's Day weekend. 
On Saturday evening,  my sweet hubby took "E" to a Father Daughter dance. 
We did a few quick photos in the front yard  before they left -- little sister "C" joined them.

My adorable cutie-pies at the dance with my
new mother's day fridge magnet frame
 (a craft they made together at the dance)

They both had a great time, hubby wore a 
pink shirt and purple tie for his little girl.

On Sunday, we went to my favorite nursery (plants...not babies) 
and I spent my Peeps Diorama Prize money on some new perennials 
for our backyard. (a completely worthwhile investment)  

My new oak leaf hydrangea and three different color varieties of coral bells

Also got a butterfly bush and some catmint (for our furry girls)

We set up the fairy house again (it might need a new coat of paint)
and we're trying to plant a few "steppable" plants this year,
I think we're going to slowly convert  that little flower bed to a fairy village...

The little tree next to the fairy house is a transplant from "E"s terrarium.

I got my backyard garden in the ground (and pots) herbs, tomatoes, and peppers.

and...I got to open a little goody package more on that one later!

Hope you all spent the weekend doing lovely things 
with your families and celebrating the 
wonderful mamas in your own life! 



So glad your mama's day was a good one! It was lovely here too---

Courtney Corey said...

What a WONDERFUL blog! My gosh, you are a busy woman! Lots of creative ideas. My son is a Montessori student, and my husband and I are both teachers and performing artists - so I REALLY appreciate all of your ideas.

Shawna said...

Love your blog....it is so nice to see a Mama who is writing about things we are interested in doing in our household!! I need to look through the blogs you follow--I am really interested in connection with other blogs that are similar to mine!

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