Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Importance of Childhood Collections: Sorting Sea Shells Activity for Kids

We did some major shelling at the beach last week. 
Here's "E" collection sorted on my kitchen table.

Sorting and categorizing is really fun for kids - they seem to be natural little collectors
and scientists. I love listening to their observations. 

Snails and "fossil" looking shells.

"Worry Stone" shell shards and mussels.

Traditional "clam shell" shells.

Oysters and spirals.

Rocks, dried seaweed, and more shell bits.

Big shells.

"C"s treasures.
(I didn't get a photo of our shark teeth)

We have lots of fun craft ideas for our haul as well as lots of sorting to do.

pink and green mama


Holly Renee said...

How awesome. You are so right, kids just love investigating. I had rock collections as a kid. I liked the Oysters and spirals the best. I bet the shark teeth look pretty neat too!

Kelly said...

My girls love collecting shells. I've recently purchased a Fregie Bag -- perfect for shell collecting.

Courtney Corey said...

Wow! You really went to town! Those shells are beautiful and I love how you sorted them. We are going to make our way down to the local tide pools this week, and you have inspired me with the shell collecting!

Lisa said...

my girl is always collecting sea shells. we have bags and bags of them. i even found a closed mussel in one bounty! gland i found it before the smell found me!!!
i love your rainbow painted shells, too!
have a great week


wow! what an amazing collection! love it.

Miko's Girl said...

Love the moon shells! Have fun crafting with them!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with to do with them. We're going to the lake this weekend, but unfortunately the shells there are only fragments. Not nice sized ones like these. I end up buying our seashells.

Tinkerbell's Treehouse said...

My son loves collecting shells too. Kids love small things don't they?
I love you pic of all the clam shells, some lovely textures there.

Twig and Toadstool said...

oooh...ocean envy!!!
I need a trip to the Seaside soon!

jojoebi said...

Great post, I will be linking. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.

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