Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tissue Paper Fun: ReCycled Gift Tissue Flowers

This is a craft that has probably been around 
since the dark ages...
well maybe not the dark ages but you get the idea.

My oldest daughter "E" made one of these flowers
at a little craft station during her Father Daughter Dance date
with daddy on Mother's Day weekend.

She wanted to teach her little sister "C" 
how to make them too.
So...we raided our used gift tissue stash 
to get some fun spring colors.

I cut some tissue paper rectangles for the girls
and handed them a package of pipe cleaners 
(aka Chenille Stems for you classy Martha Stewart types).

Here is the master "E" and her pupil "C".

Stack up the tissue paper--
they used 6 sheets.

Accordion fold the stack,
then pinch the middle with your pipe cleaner (folded in half)

Then, twist the pipe cleaner to make a stem.

The plain edges were too square 
and not "flowery" enough
I got out my stash of funky scissors for the girls
and showed them how to cut the petals at an angle.

Very carefully, fluff your flower
by peeling each layer toward the center --
warning: they rip easily!

Scissors are always a favorite for "C"

"C" and her plain flower with square edges 
that was later trimmed to be "fluffier"
in "princess" colors.

Depending on the colors you choose,
you can make flowers that look like 
or roses.

My beautiful (colorful) 
kitchen table centerpiece! 

pink and green mama


Redbonegirl97 said...

I remember making these on year and giving them to every mother for mother's day. I took me like a month to make enough.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Heather said...

Oh I loved these as a kid. The boys and I have been looking for some just fun, easy projects for these first few warm, non-school days. This looks perfect :)

Abigail said...

I remember making about a hundred of these for a kindergarten graduation banner a couple of years ago! You can also stape the middles, if you wanted to stick them to something flat. If you round off the ends while it's still concertina'd, they look like carnations.

Your girls made a lovely job - wish I'd had them around to help me with that enormous pile of the things!

Elise said...

Your girls did a fabulous job. Your delightful centerpiece must make you smile every time you look at it.

LambAround said...

Very pretty! I just found your blog and am loving all your cute crafty ideas :)



Toilet Paper said...

They are small yet they love art. I like my children to be like them.

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