Sunday, June 6, 2010

* End Of The Year Teacher Gift: Fairy Garden In A Pot

This is my favorite project we've made in a while
and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

It's that time of year again...

School is ending and I needed gifts 
for the wonderful women 
who teach my daughters....

their Mamas away from home.

Instead of gift cards,
or coffee cups, 
or even cut flowers....

we decided to get crafty 
and make a gift from the heart
for each of their special teachers.

That meant three potted Fairy Gardens,
one for each teacher

(two for preschool, and one First Grade teacher)

plus a bonus garden to keep at home
(because you can't make something this cool
and not keep one for your own kids to enjoy!)

First, the girls painted these little wooden houses
we found for  $1 each (!) at Michaels Craft store
with washable acrylic craft paint.

If you were going to keep yours outdoors,
add a layer of clear acrylic sealant.

"E" (age 7) added moss to the roof of hers
to make it more elf/fairy-like

"C" (age 3) just wanted to go with lots of color.

While the houses dried,
we went out to the garage 
and got to work filling our pots.

(plastic salad bowls I found at Walmart
in the Seasonal patriotic display area)

We added a layer of fish gravel
to help with drainage....

Then, spagnum moss...

Then we started planting flowers
and herbs in organic potting mix.

We added some pebble pathways,
assorted dried moss (from the craft store),
and made little "Welcome" stones
(or "Thank you!")
 to set by the front door of each house.

The final touches included some 
wooden lady bugs painted by the girls
and some little butterflies
with signs to say "thanks" to our very favorite teachers.

We were inspired to make 

She always has the best ideas - thank you,
the girls LOVED making them. 

pink and green mama


twolittleseeds said...

Wow!! These are gorgeous!!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a thoughtful gift, I would have loved something like this when I was teaching.

Teacher Tom said...

I'd really like getting one of these!

Mrs Addams said...

These are wonderful! Sure to be enjoyed by the teachers and your family!
I really love all your fairy-art you do with your daughters!
I would love to try this out with my daughter! If I do I will be sure to take pictures and send you a link! :)

Holly Renee said...

Simply adorable! Whenever I come here I am always impressed. You're crafts with your kids are inspiring to me. When I have children I want to be a mommy that does stuff like you.

Mrs. Hahn said...

As a mom, I love this! As a teacher, I adore it! Thanks for the clever ideas. You have so many of them.

Melodie said...

How utterly gorgeous! And a perfect idea to borrow for my daughter's teacher. Especially since we are moving and won't see her again. Thank you Mary Lea!


What a fantastic, wonderful, thoughtful, enchanting gift!

lady said...

My father made some container gardens with cement "bowls" he made himself. I wanted to make little houses for them, but what I made ended up too large, so I put them in my garden.

I would love this present if one of my students made it for me. I would leave it in my classroom and make up little fairies to live there and do funny things in my room.

April said...

Oh my gosh!! Those are so great!!! My kids would love to make something like that for our yard! :-)

Cheryl said...

This is so charming & would be really fun to make with the kids as a summer project. Thanks!!

Julie Bagamary said...

Wow -these are great and not too big either!

Yarni Gras! said...

what a wonderful idea.

FairiesNest said...

Such a sweet idea! I bet their teachers loved them.

Lisa said...

what lucky teachers!!!
have a great week

Lesley said...

What a great idea! I love gifts that can be displayed for a time to remind the receiver of the giver. Thanks for the painting shoes idea. We get lots of hand me downs with stains and I need a way to make them more colorful and appealing. I was just wondering what to do with all the radishes in our garden. What a yummy solution to my delema.

easy toys moms can make!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

OMgoodness! So cute. I just love your projects. They always turn out so colorfully fun. :)

Happy Monday!


Vikki said...

I was a pre-school teacher for over 20 years and I never got anything this cute! BTW yours are much cuter than your inspiration.

I wanna make a few for my patio, but I have 3 huge dogs and no where to put them inside or out that either dogs or cats wouldn't get too.

"S" and family said...

I LOVE this idea! My family is really into gardening for the fairies, so we will certainly try this.
Thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

These are just terrific. We love your blog.

We were inspired to make a frog house. We have a stone path, a pond and fishing pole, a bench, and a swing.

Come by to check out our pictures.

Keep up the terrific ideas!


Dannyelle said...

I love your fairy gardens. I have seen them before in a flower border garden, but they always seem to get lost. I love the idea of doing them in a pot. I made a bunch with my kids for our deck, you can see them here
Thanks so much for some inspiration!
Dannyelle @ www.lifeisaparty.ca

melissa@once upon a {craft} time said...

WoW! these fairy gardens are SO amazing!!! & the tutorial is so helpful! we recently went to fairy garden festival and i have been wanting to make our own with my daughters but just wasn't sure where to begin...thank you so much for sharing. Those were some lucky teachers! :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog-newest follower.

Barbi D said...

I found this post on pinterest and my girls went crazy for it! What a great idea for teacher's gifts. If you would like here is the link to our version: http://web.me.com/barbidefazio/2becreative_Site/My_Blog/Entries/2011/6/30_IMG_0231.html

Joleen said...

Thanks for this wonderful idea for teachers. Can't wait to make one with my first grader!

Woodland Fairy Village said...

My friend is a teacher and would love to have one of these. I can't wait to show my appreciation to her by creating one of these fairy gardens. I have to make one for myself also! Thanks for sharing! '
~ Mare

Kim's Custom Cards and Gifts said...

Just wondering if you got the moss at Michael's too? Or if you had to go to another craft store? I am not sure I have ever seen dried moss at Michael's and I am not sure where to get it?

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Hi Kim,

I've found little bags of moss at Michaels in the dried flowers area by the fake feather birds and those weird decorative balls with seeds and stuff glued all over them. I also buy my moss at JoAnnes in the silk flower area - they come in clear bags about the size of a gallon ziplock.

Pink and Green Mama

Kim's Custom Cards and Gifts said...

Thanks so much! I did find variety moss bags at the dollar store, they are about a quart size bag for a dollar (obviously). Is that a good price? They also had larger bags of reindeer and spanish moss. I will have to get over to Michael's sometime for the bird houses, so I will try to look for the moss then as well. Also found bags of pebbles/rocks, the bowls, and decorative fake butterflies/birds at the dollar store. Hoping $1 is a good price for all those items. I'll save the receipt and compare prices once I get to Michael's I guess. My daughter and I are SO excited to make these for her preschool teachers! :)

Cynmoose said...

So glad I found this. My daughter is having a fairy themed birthday party and the girls she invited over will be making these to take home. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!

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