Friday, June 4, 2010

Kid's Craft: Rainbow Sneakers

My little "E" marches to the beat of her own drummer.

Can you see those faint brown rectangles 
on the toe fabric of her shoes?
They appeared the first day she wore her new 
white sneakers to school.

There must have been a sticker on them 
at some point,
and the adhesive didn't show up until 
the first time she wore them 
out on the playground at school.

She was really upset
and crying when she got home from school. 

She's also a sensitive little bird. 

The kids at school are really into some 
new rubber-band bracelet trend.


Must-have "Rubberbands" are the hottest trend?

Her sneakers were "too boring"

Too white.

She didn't have rubberband bracelets.

I told her we could fix that. 

I said we should start our own new trend.

We got out our sharpies,
and got to work
adding some rainbow-riffic color
to her shoes. 

No more stained toes.

No more boring shoes.

Best of all,
no more tears. 

Just smiles. 

Now, she wants to 
tie-dye the shoelaces!

That's my girl. 

pink and green mama


TANYA said...

Hi! I totally love what you did with your daughter's sneakers! So unique! She can't say they're boring and the good thing, nobody else has the same one like it!

danita said...

those are awesome! i think we may have the same new shoes--i wonder if brown rectangles will show up on ours, too?

Theresa said...

I LOVE her sneakers! I used to do that to all of my shoes but it kinda made my mom mad. LOL You are so awesome for encouraging your kids to express themselves with color and art! Just amazing!

♥ meninheira ♥ said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog :) yours is sooo inspired! I love it :)

Hugs from Spain

jlbee said...

you are girls after my own heart! i did this when i was little to my keds -- i figured there's a reason they're made of canvas! :) besides, i wanted to be punky brewster... these are amazing!
are these the bracelets you're talking about? i saw SJP on an interview wearing one that she said her 6yo son gave to her, and that they're all the rage with the kids. so random!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Love it! They are adorable. :)

twolittleseeds said...

Yes , yes I love these!!!
Great! I want a pair for me! xx

Storybook Woods said...

Now that is cool. Clarice

I'm momma Skyla said...

How darling are you? Your daughter is lucky to have a momma who is so sensitive to her emotions and unique style! You're an inspiration!

Your Impact Matters said...

This is so awesome! Way to go mama! I so don't get the rubber band bracelet thing, but I also don't get my 14 yo daughter's fondness for guys with eyeliner on...go figure.

Cindy said...

I love her shoes! They look SO pretty!

I bet the trend is Silly Bandz!

Cheryl said...

What a sweet ending & a good lesson in turning lemons into lemonade:)


These look great! I used to do things like this to my shoes when I was a kid!! I even did my dad's shoes once, but he never wore them again :)
I have seen this rubberband bracelet thing and it really doesn't make any sense! They're not even cute, at all.
My brother gave some to my son the other day and and after like 24 hours the bands had snapped, totally broken! What on earth?!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

LOVE it!!!! Seriously, the rubber band thing is waaaaaay over-rated.

Genevieve Le Bel said...

so cool! My Super Sophie would love this!

Katie said...

Oh how cute! What a great idea :) Thanks for visiting my blog today and for leaving a comment. You made my day! I'll have to search your blog to see if you posted about your mermaid party. I'm so excited for my daughter's. I wish I had time to do all the crafty ideas I have cooking in my head, but it should still be cute and fun for the girls!

~Claire~ said...

Okay, my little munchkin would like these... but me?? I AM IN LOVE!! I love all things rainbow... who ever would have thought I could MAKE my own rainbow shoes!!! Golly! I know a few too many pairs of white shoes-turned-brown and dingy that this would totally remedy! thnks for the idea!

Phyl said...

Awww, this story is so sweet. What a loving mommy!
I'm not a kid, been teaching over 30 years, and am still coloring on my shoes. A group of us teachers started bowling a couple of years ago. None of us can bowl worth beans, but we can sure have fun. I started decorating everyone's bowling shoes, and now nobody notices our gutter balls anymore :)

Julie Bagamary said...

Very cool shoes and very cool mom!

punk rock michelle said...

I adore how u handled it! I hope that I can be so crafty & quick thinking when my LO goes thru this sort of thing at school in years to come :D

Jessica said...

Very cool solution.

Who needs lame, trendy rubber band bracelets when one has artisan-made, unique, one-of-a-kind kicks? :)

Sarah said...

First time commenter...

I LOVE the tenderness you showed your daughter, listening to her hurts. How appropriate to draw a rainbow as it's a symbol of God's love. I hope she will always remember these rainbow shoes and know she is loved!

Pam said...

I am new to Pink and Green Mama...You have an awesome blog! I just came across the rainbow sneakers and was thinking I wish I saw this when I was a kid!! I love bright flashy colors and soooo would've colored my sneakers! I love it...I think I might get my daughter some white canvas shoes and rainbow sharpies and have at it! :)

Pam said...

I am new to Pink and Green Mama, what an awesome blog!! I just came across the rainbow sneakers. I wish I thought of this when I was a kid! I would've soooo colored my sneakers! I love bright flashy colors. I think I might get my daughter some white canvas shoes and some rainbow sharpies and have at it! :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Pam -- I think that's a great idea - white Canvas shoes would be the perfect blank canvas!!

pink and green mama,

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