Saturday, July 10, 2010

Butterfly Mobile With Watercolor Paper

Great (crafty) minds think alike!

The girls and I were inspired by 
over at Childhood Magic's blog a few weeks ago.

on my bedside table for the past few weeks
and laughed out loud when I came across
her instructions for a Butterfly mobile
nearly identical to the one we had just made--too funny!!

We printed the templates here
and traced some of our own butterfly cookie cutters
on watercolor paper
then used crayons and watercolor
to make colorful butterflies.

Lots of leftover butterflies
(and kitties) -- I see more mobiles,
playroom decorations, and balancing butterflies
in our future.

Using supplies we had on hand
the girls and I made a mobile for "C"s room
to hang over her new big girl bed.

We used:
an embroidery hoop,
small hole punch,
and watercolor paper butterflies.

Tracing templates,
cookie cutters, and magnets. 

Watercolor butterflies.

We had to make some watercolor 
kitty cats too!

So simple but so pretty and sweet.

She loves it and so does her mama.
Sweet dreams sweet "C"!

P.S. Stay tuned for a giveaway and review
of Rae Grant's new book, Homemade Fun, this week!
We're cooking up some yummy fun in the kitchen.

pink and green mama


Teacher Tom said...

I was looking for something to do with all those balancing butterflies the kids have grown tired of. I love the use of the embroidery hoop!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


If you have a BUNCH of butterflies left over in your classroom I could see the repurposing of a hoola-hoop into a giant mobile with lots and lots of butterflies hanging in your classroom/or over the stage like a chandelier!

(pink and green mama)

twolittleseeds said...

Love this..putting on my to do list. My son makes lovely watercolour pics so this is great.
L.O.V.E your ribbons holder....lush! x

twigandtoadstool said...

Beautiful!!!! I mean, who doesn't love a butterfly mobile!!!
xoxo maureen
ps...we were at the market this morning when Ruby saw some marshmellow shooters...she was intrigued and I remembered that YOU just did a post on them...I said, have no fear child, we'll make our OWN marshmellow shooters!!!
Going to pick up our supplies tomorrow!!!
xox maureen


this is fantastic! thanks for sharing--- I think we'll make one.

Toilet Paper said...

Very nice craft. The color of the butterfly is a perfect combination.

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