Saturday, July 24, 2010

* Homemade Japanese Fish Kite Fun!

"C" and I decided to make our own 
Japanese Fish Kite 
(windsock) last month and I'm finally posting photos. 

We made a batch of these kites with some of her little 
3 and 4 year old friends during our Mommy and Me Mini-Ocean Fun
Art Camps here at our house in June. 

I started with a large rectangle 
of white paper, folded in half lengthwise (hot dog fold).

I trimmed a (V) tail shape at the bottom,
not something for 3 year olds to do, but totally do-able if you're making with older kids!

Then, we opened it up and added wavy lines
with markers (I prefer sharpies)
and zig-zag lines to the body as scales.

Drew two circles for fish eyes.

Then, they got to work coloring their fish (still opened flat)
with dot-a-dot markers and watercolors.

Note: Learn from my mistake! 
I used my cool, semi-translucent,  Japanese printmaking paper
but that was a big mistake... when the little kids started watercolor-ing
on it, it couldn't take the massive quantities of water they used 
and started to rip.... I should have used heavier white drawing paper
(and supervised brush wiping more carefully!)

When the fish were dry,
we added a line of glue
along the open edge of the paper
(to the belly of the fish!)
and folded it over to  make it like a cylinder.

Don't glue the tail shut--
leave it open so the air can blow through!

To reinforce the mouth and keep it 
open in an "O" shape,
you could glue a strip of paper but I cheated and just used a strip
of white masking tape!

We added a piece of yarn  to the mouth of the fish kite,
like a basket handle....
perfect for hanging in trees and holding onto while you run!

Happy Kite (making) Flying!

pink and green mama


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Mary Lea, this is such a great project! I bet we were doing it at the exact same time. :) Ours goes with our history curriculum, so it was only posted on my homeschool blog:


We made ours out of an old sheet cut into the shape of a fish and hot glued onto cardstock. They lasted quite a while and has been our favorite history craft yet. :)

Oh, I have so missed catching up with you and my other blogging friends! Good news though... I feel GREAT this morning. Yay for entering the second tri!!!!!

Love Val

Teacher Tom said...

Oh, oh, oh MaryLea, we'll make these next week at school! Thanks!

twigandtoadstool said...

I have these on the never ending craft list...we were going to use cloth to make ours, but I like this simpler option...it would definately make it more do-able to a procrasti-crafter like myself!!
xo maureen

softearthart said...

Hi This looks cool, thanks for stopping by my blog, cheers Marie

LJ said...

This is a great idea - I know my girls will love. Thanks!!!

The Sunshine Crew said...

Wanted to let you know that i gave your blog an award...love your blog and always enjoy reading it:)



Jen said...

We made something similar before, but attached streamers. I love the bottom of the kites/windsock that you made.

Jen said...

We made something similar before, but attached streamers. I love the bottom of the kites/windsock that you made.

Merideth said...

I've given you the Sunshine Award on my blog!

aroundtheworldin40weeks.com said...

I love that idea. I wish we had it when we did our week on Japan. So fun!

aroundtheworldin40weeks said...

I love that idea. I wish we had it when we did our week on Japan. So fun!

Förskoleburken said...

Hi! I have a little award for you! Please, visit my blog: http://forskoleburken.blogspot.com/2010/07/jag-fick-pris.html

Mrs. M said...

If you want to tie it into Japan every May the Japanese celebrate Chidren's day. Thats when these carps are usually flown. The large ones represent the parents and the smaller ones the children. Its a huge thing over here. Its really beautiful the way they decorate over here with all the carps, the local elementry school children even made handprint carps that they hung around town. They stay up for the whole month though this year they had to take them down a bit early since the wind was so horrible it was tearing them up.

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