Tuesday, August 10, 2010

* Grilled Bananas!

This is our family's new favorite (and easy!) dessert... Grilled, Stuffed Bananas!
To partake in this tasty goodness  you will need:

Aluminum Foil
A Grill or Oven
Chocolate Chips
(optional) Caramel syrup

Wash your bananas (think of all of the yucky hands that touched them at the store)

Split your bananas lengthwise  (like a banana canoe).
Keep the skin on.

Stuff your banana with  chocolate chips and marshmallows (caramel too if you wish)
Poke it all in with your fingers. Little kid fingers are good for this!

Wrap each banana in foil and grill on Medium heat  for a few minutes.
(or place it  in the oven if you're out of propane like we were...)

It's not like anyone around here  ever forgets to turn off the grill and lets the gas run out overnight...

Not sure on the cooking time, we just checked after a few minutes
and once they were gooey and melted like S'mores it was time to put them in bowls and dig in!

Happy Drooling.

pink and green mama


brookie said...

We always make these when we go camping and my mother inlaw could never remember what to call them so she innocently starting calling them "banana hammocks". The name has stuck! Try them with cut in half Rolos. It is to die for.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Ha-Ha!! I love it -- Banana Hammocks! : )

Montessori For Learning said...

How yummy! My son loves bananas, but is getting tired of the same old way I fix them... this is going to be a definite plan this weekend!

Deanna said...

Sounds like a fantastic after school snack...we will definitely try it!

jen at paintcutpaste.com said...

oooh, and it's gluten free! i'm so all over this one! yum! thanks for the sweet idea!

Rebecca said...

Um... WOW!

Amy said...

I've done this camping, but never thought to do it with the grill or in the oven at home. I will have to try it. I bet the kids will love it!

Julie Bagamary said...

YUM - never heard of this but YUM!!

Jennifer said...

Oh MY! This is a must try!!! Yummy my mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. I also love to cut up banana, drizzle with honey and then microwaver for a few seconds...mmmmm

Amie Plumley said...

I totally remember making them as a girl scout - great memory! I'm also thinking I could make these in my classroom - right?

Phyl said...

OMG These sound HEAVENLY!

The other night, by a campfire, my 21 year old son invented a new twist on the s'more. He put peanut butter on the graham cracker, stuck on some sliced bananas, put the toasted marshmallow on top, then added the chocolate and the other graham cracker. YUM. Must have been 1000 calories, but he's so skinny he could eat a whole bunch of them!

Bending Birches said...

sounds delish! thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

I first learned how to mae these way back in my Girl Scout days around the campfire. We called them Banana Boats. Still one of my favorites!

Michelle said...

I recently received a blog award and wanted to pass it along to you! You blog has been a wonderful source of creativity and fun for my four year old daughter and myself. Thank you for your posts!


VeggieThoughts said...

I absolutely love your blog! I'm a SAHM too, and also have a background in art (music). I just started a brand new blog about starting to become green myself, and it's definitely not been easy, but I'm up to the challenge! I look forward to reading more!



Laura said...

We are definitely trying this one!!! And I am laughing at the leaving the grill on overnight and leaking all the gas out - been there, done that!

Hannah said...

I made these a few weeks ago and they were a huge it! I found the recipe in a newspaper insert while waiting at a car dealership. It had suggested making these while camping, but I think they're just as fun to do at home!

Lindsay said...

Mouth is watering over here! Hmm do I have everything to make these for dessert tonight ;-)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That looks amazing! We will have to try that as we have everything left over from S'mores from our camping trip. Thanks for the inspiration today. I have been really sick so it helps a lot to have kid friendly ideas right now. <3




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