Friday, August 13, 2010

Make Your Own Joke Book!

A perfect boredom buster
for summer break...
let your kids be authors
and illustrators
of their own
  Joke Book.

"E" (age 7) made this one for her Grammy Bev's birthday.
Grammy Bev has an extensive Penguin collection
so... we made her a Penguin joke book.

A few jokes were found online;
"E" wrote the rest of them. 

(I love her jokes and her drawings
so I had to share)

After writing down the jokes,
we carefully typed them 
on the computer and
printed them on card stock.

Then, we trimmed the card stock
into small pages (3"x5")
and "E" carefully illustrated
each joke with pen and colored in 
with colored pencils.

We bound the whole thing with 
rainbow yarn.

 Little Sister, "C" (age 3) made a page too!

It was a big hit
(and a favorite birthday gift!)


Beach Mama said...

I love the joke book idea! My 11 yo son is the comedian in the family. I think he would like making this. Thanks for the idea!

Cathy @ NurtureStore said...

My 7year old has just 'discovered' jokes and will love this idea. I'm working on teaching her the idea that a joke loses it's funniness after about 27 tellings!
P.S. The Play Academy linky is up at NurtureStore today - I love it if you would come and share an idea.

Jen said...

Adorable. What a wonderful keepsake for a loved one. She did a great job and the little one adding a picture- too cute.

camille creates said...

Best Wishes, Camille


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