Thursday, August 19, 2010

* Our Somewhere Over The Rainbow Land Of OZ Playscape

The girls and I ADORED
the DIY Land of OZ that 
Lindsey and her girls made over at Filth Wizardry Blog

So inspired, in fact... that we bought our own copy
of the Wizard of Oz, watched it, and the girls and I made our own 
Wizard of OZ play set with old polly pockets and some craft foam/foam core. 

This post is dedicated to Lindsey as a heartfelt thank you 
for such wonderful, inspiring ideas and for giving us 
a wonderful memories
of a rainy afternoon spent together building this little play set yesterday! 

We painted a pice of foam core to make the yellow brick road
(with a spiral just like the beginning of the road in the movie!)

See that little green castle? That was an old craft foam kit from Michaels Craft Store
that the girls had grown tired of playing with.

The girls gave it a fresh coat of green paint and some green glitter --
it was a perfect Emerald City.

We're off to see the Wizard!
(except we haven't made him yet...)

The Good Witch Glinda doesn't have a crown yet
(we're still looking for the perfect one...)

but the girls did bling out her dress with a nice
coating of glitter glue!

Dorothy and friends checking out the Emerald City.
That's the Field of Red Poppies on the left
(just before they get to the city)

The Wicked Witch of the West
with her green sharpie face, red sharpie stockings, felt cape and dress
and that's a food coloring lid super glued to her head as a hat (colored with black sharpie)

She and her monkeys have been busy flying around OZ and trying to catch 
Dorothy and Toto. 

The Tin Man and the Scarecrow -- more polly pockets...
The Tin Man is spray painted silver
with another food coloring bottle cap  super-glued to his head
(black sharpie for bolts and a red sharpie heart)

(Don't tell the others but he is our Favorite!!)

The Scarecrow is more felt sewn and glued
to another Happy Meal doll toy. 

Is that a house on your witch?

The Cowardly Lion is an old 
Happy Meal Polly Pocket with a home-made 
felt lion suit sewn to her and an altered sharpie marker face. 

Dorothy is wearing a cut-up Polly Pocket dress
with a felt rectangle apron tied to her waist with a small blue ribbon.

Her Ruby Slippers were made by dipping her feet
in Red Acrylic Paint then dusting them with red Martha Stewart glitter. 

Happy Playing!

pink and green mama


butterfly wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

oh I so gotta make this for my youngest we have the mcd's wizard of oz dolls from the happy meals still. :)

thanks for posting this

Lisa said...

Oh how I love this!!! I could jump right into it and skip on down the yellow brick road! It's really beautiful!
have a great week

Amy said...

My little girl is SO obsessed with a 'Yellow Brick Road'...we've been 'constructing' them out of playsilks, but your post inspired me to make her a permanent playmat! Thanks so much for the fantastic ideas!! :-)

Amanda Pedro said...

purely magical. My daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE these things since her dance school did that show last year. She sings songs form there all the time. I have to show her your great works.
thanks for sharing

Kara said...

This is just FABULOUS! Love it!

Pretty cool that so much of it is recycled, too. You just never know what imagination is going to result in, do you?

This looks like wonderful fun :-)

Mrs Addams said...

wow! so creative and fun!

we just watch the wizard of oz on sunday but my almost 3-year-old was not very interested. we garage sale-scored the whole set of madam alaxander mini wizard of oz dolls. i think they were happy meal dolls once upon a time.

i love the way you redid all those dolls! super cute!

Sunshine Mama said...

That is so creative how you even managed to make the tin man out of a polly pocket and a food colouring lid along with paint and sharpies.

My kids are not into the wizzard of oz, but this could be used for any theme. Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

This is incredible! I love the way all the characters turned out!

Lindsey said...

Lovely job! I bet it's handy having the painted road. My guys are still using the yellow playdough, which is fine, but does mean that they have to stay in the kitchen with it. Your lion looks significantly less derranged than ours ;) I'll put in a link to this for sure the next time I do a round up of people that have done projects from Filth Wizardry :) Big love from our gang.

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Very fun, and feels somewhat more do-able than the while amazing, also rather intimidating, filth wizardry version. Great job!

Imene said...

Really amazing how creative you were with this project. I love it!!

jen at paintcutpaste.com said...

this is amazing, ml! as usual! was the movie too scary for "c" - i'm wondering b/c i've not shown it to my 3.5yo yet because i remember being scared of the wicked witch and those flying monkeys as a young kid... but i can't really remember at what age i was cool with it. (n loooves scary stuff, so maybe it's all good?)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Jen --

"C" only saw the beginning where she opens the door and it changes from black and white to color and meeting the good witch and the munchkins and meeting a few of her friends. She also saw the very end when they get home and everyone's okay. She did not see the "scary" scenes with the tornado, the witch, or the monkeys. "E" saw almost all of it (we fast forwarded the final fight with the witch) and loved it. We watched the majority of it during "C"s naptime then caught her up when she woke up with some favorite highlights using scene selection on our DVD.

Hope this helps!!

xoxo MaryLea

Kyrstin said...

This is amazing - I love every single part of it! AWESOME!!!

e.m. said...

Holey Cow!!!!!!!!!!! You are inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Meg said...

MaryLea that is amazing! Am stoked to have found your sweet blog.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Fantastic! I LOVE the yellow brick road! Cyan would love that. I am adding to the list for our next cardbord box project. Have a beautiful Monday MaryLea!



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