Friday, September 24, 2010

* EASY Kid Craft: Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

The girls and I loved these pipe cleaner flower fairies
when we saw them in Family Fun Magazine

I completely forgot about them until "C" and I were
playing in her new Autumn sensory box and we decided we needed some
fall fairy friends to live in it. (I'll post her box soon!)

I told her we could use some of the fall silk leaves to make fairy skirts.
(I think another bloggy friend made these or something similar recently but I can't remember who!)

This was our first little fall fairy.
I wasn't too happy with her face but we couldn't take it off
once we'd made the whole fairy.  (sorry, she's a bit out of focus)

This was our second fall fairy and I thought her face  was creepy! 
The sharpie marker bled on the grain of the wood and made
her eyelashes dark and gave her eyes a sinister quality... maybe she's the fall witch!

 Third attempt....
Then, we had to make a Rapunzel Fairy with LOTS of long hair!

Fourth Fairy... Mommy made a little  Yellow and Blue Daffodil Fairy... that's more like it. 

 Here's the Crazy Artist Fairy with Rainbow Hair! 

Big sister "E" got home from school and got right to work making fairies with us. 
I love this blue one she made (the one on the right)
and she made the sweet pink one for her little sister "C"

  "C" loved her pink fairy
with Pink Rainbow Hair!!

So here's how to make your own...
(if we can do it so can you!)

These would be a great  birthday party activity,
scouts craft, rainy day/sick day activity....

1. Start with one pipe cleaner bent in half for the main body and legs.

2. Then, HALF of a pipe cleaner to be the arms.
You can use one color of pipe cleaner or mix and match.

3. You'll need some yarn for the hair (or embroidery floss).

4. Wooden bead for the head.

5. Three more little beads (pony bead or wooden)
2 will be the "shirt" 1 will be the "undies".

6. Silk flower petals for the skirt. (from a disassembled flower)
or silk leaves  (just cut a small slit in the center)

7. Sharpies to add face details (be careful with the wood grain!)

Bend the big pipe cleaner over the yarn hair and give it one small twist/pinch.

Thread on the bigger wooden bead as the head
(so the hair is coming out like a big crazy yarn sprout!)
Twist the "half" pipe cleaner around the body to make some arms.

Now, bend the "arms" in toward the body and twist so the hands are two little hoops.

Slide on the two "shirt" beads. 

Now, thread on the "skirt" flower petals, add one more pony bead as "undies"
Finally, bend the two legs back up toward the body 
and twist to create little "hoop" feet (like the hands)
Draw on a little face with sharpies and you're ready to play! 

Happy Fairy Friend Making!

pink and green mama


Marcia said...

Great idea!! Thanks :)

Deanna said...

Thanks you! My girls will LOVE this! I need to figure out a boyish one too and this will be a fantastic craft to bring to their big brother's baseball tournaments! :)

Kyrstin said...

I love them - they turned out just great! My daughter would love these, we will have to try them.

twolittleseeds said...

Thanks, going to do this! x

Cheryl said...

We've made versions of these before, but I'm really taken by the way you have done the hair. Oh, I feel an attack of fairy making coming on!

Amy said...

I love this idea. My kids are too little for this, but I will keep it and try it when they are older!

MommaMindy said...

I bought the stuff to do this a few years ago, and never followed through. Thanks for the inspiration to pick up where good intentions left off. They are SO cute!

danita said...

that's awesome! we've done a similar type of fairy with thinner wire, but it's a pain to glue everything! this is much easier for little fingers! and i love how you did the hair!

gina {the little list} said...

I absolutely LOVE this. According to the weatherman, we have some rainy days around the bend and these will be a perfect diversion. I'd like to post a link to them over at The Little List soon as well. Too sweet not to share!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Love it! My girls would absolutely swoon over these. Thanks for the tutorial!

Children of Eve said...

These are great- so glad to discover your terrific blog.

Patty Palmer said...

I remember making these when my daughter was little. So cute!

Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

Those are adorable, thanks for the tutorial. karen
Sippy Cup Central Mom

Clemencia said...

My daughter is going to love this craft, she loves fairies :) thanks so much

Kylie said...

These look fabulous!! We made some similar a few weeks back but I love your fall spin on them and their crazy hair...gorgeous!!


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Yes!! Thank you Kylie -- I knew I'd seen them recently. I adore yours too!! : )


Missy said...

I loved this idea so much! My 3-year-old and I made some fairies last night and had so much fun. Pictures can be found here:

Thanks for the idea!


Bethany said...

Thanks so much for this idea!

We made one for a homemade Christmas present. It was easy and fun.


wenna webb said...

Such a great information and I've been looking for this..

Jeannie Clemens said...

Little Grand will love making these when she comes. She has a fairy garden in my yard that needs residents! Hope you don't mind that I pinned this to our activity board. for what it's worth

heather said...

Don't know if you'll read this 5 years after posting, but this was the perfect craft for my children today! They have been playing with their fairies all day, built outdoor houses, and had picnics. Thank you!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

That's great Heather, I'm so glad you all enjoyed the project! Warmly, MaryLea

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