Monday, September 20, 2010

One of Our New Favorite Toys! Contina Bamboo Blocks

When we were in Texas, visiting the grandparents this summer we visited one of our 
favorite children's museums (The Discovery Center in Amarillo, TX)

They have a fabulous gift shop, and your purchases help raise money for the museum
so I had to pick up a few goodies for the girls to help out, right?!

We got these Bamboo Rainbow blocks (from Contina)
and they've been great fun this summer....

Love this building  "E" (age 7) built...
My little modern architect.

watch out for raining blocks.

Happy Building (and destroying!)

pink and green mama


Our Pace said...

Cool blocks!

Anissa said...

They look like they had fun with them! Great blocks! I know my little boy would love them. Thanks for sharing..

jeana said...

We LOVE the Discovery Center too. My mom gets us a membership there for Christmas every year. I'll have to pick up some of those blocks for Christmas this year!

Joyfulmama said...

Lovely blocks! I have my eye on two sets of natural wooden blocks at the moment, but can't decide yet whether to go for the giant ones or the smaller one that will be great for fine motor fun. Still weighing pro's and con's, but *WISH* I could have gotten my hands on a set of these. I'll have to Google the manufacturer and see if I can find a supplier here in South Africa.

On a different topic: we are celebarting all things play dough on my blog this Thursday and I would be honoured if you and your girls would join in the fun. You can check out the details at

Thanks for the inspiration - I never miss a post and always leave excited to try some new things!

Carrie said...

Perfect for my 7yo, AND a local source that we visit at least once a month. Awesome! Thanks!

Caz said...

Oh so nice to see these in action! We love the Hape toys and have quite a few of them, but I wasn't sure if the rainbow blocks were a bit grown up for my two little girls. They look like heaps of fun, we'll definitely have to get some :-) Thanks for the review!


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