Saturday, October 23, 2010

* Preschool At Home: Fridge Skeleton and Learning About the Human Body

Three-year-old "C" and I got down  with our crafty selves this week and made these two new 
Skeleton Friends for our kitchen refrigerator. 

I printed the Skelly Template out from theToyMaker.com.
Then ran it through my  little 3M Laminator. 

Then I carefully cut out each piece and we cut up some old restaurant magnets
and used clear packing tape to attach a piece of magnet to the back of each piece. 
"C" and "E" have really enjoyed playing with their skeletons all week. 

I always like to incorporate  skeletons and lessons about our  bones/bodies at Halloween
a perfect time to tie it in with all of the festive decorations around the neighborhood. 

If you want a cute skeleton printable check out this adorable little guy from Sewing Stars

We will also be CREATING some Martha Stewart Noodle Skeletons

PLAYING with our Life-Size Skeleton Puzzle from Learning Resources
(purchased for "E"s Doctor-Themed Birthday Party)

and our AWESOME  Hape Belduc Body Puzzle
I got for the girls at the Discovery Science Center this Summer. 

We will be EXPLORING Animal and Human X-Rays on our Light Table

Happy October!

pink and green mama,


jen at paintcutpaste.com said...

don't you love that hape belduc body puzzle? novi got it for christmas last year and was playing with it just this morning. we may have to do those martha skeletons here, too! i've got a lot of gluteny pasta to get rid of by ways other than ingestion. ;)

Cricket said...

Back when I was a nanny the kids and I did a fun skeleton project. First we looked at a bone in a book, then the kids lay on posterboard and I marked the length of one of the bone. Then they would draw it at approximately the right size. When we had all the bones we needed, we cut them out and fastened them together so the kids had life size self-skeletons. I made them write the real name of each bone on the back, too. I was a mean horrible nanny :)

jen at paintcutpaste.com said...

p.s. the paintcutpaste.com post i have queued for tomorrow is skeleton-themed, too. check in the morning. ;)

MittenMom said...

I just did this with a dollar store window cling on my fridge. The cling sticks to the fridge better than windows. Love the dino idea we are studying fossils soon.

Christy said...

I'll have to do this. We own that book and those puzzles - they are fantastic. My son's first grade teacher just gave everyone in the class a copy of Dem Halloween Bones so we are ready for some skeleton fun!

Jen said...

You rock my world. Perhaps I could come and play at your house. You offer so many great ideas. I think you are brilliant. Thank you for all you share, as a room parent I have used several of your ideas. Check my blog for scarecrow ideas. It's amazing with the ideas kids come up with!

Leptir said...

Thank you so much for interesting resources and great printables. Kids in my class will love you for this :-)

twigandtoadstool said...

Some great ideas!
Cricket...LOVE the idea of making a life sized skeleton...how cool!
xo maureen

April said...

My daughter l-o-v-e-s the body puzzle you pictured. It is a great way to learn how we are made and what's "underneath."

Kisha said...

So cute! I quite literally did this for my three-year-old before I finished reading the post. I love a good reason to use my laminator. :) She liked it too, more than I expected, and I even got to work in a lesson in how bones work.

I colored mine before I laminated it, because I printed it on a black and white laser and missed that green glow. My daughter is kind of a scaredy cat and I thought some bright highlighter marker colors would make it less intimidating for her, and it also made it easier for her to put together. It's prettier on my fridge, too, and this gave me the perfect excuse I was looking for to remove all those magnets she never even looks at anymore from the fridge door.


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