Friday, October 1, 2010

* Mommy's Little Helper: iPod Headphones for Toddler

So if you lived in my neighborhood, you would be able to laugh at me (I mean cheer me on!) 
several days a week as I attempt to run/jog/walk my 3 mile hilly loop with "C" in her stroller.

It is all an attempt  to get back in shape and firm up a few jiggles
before my winter hibernating begins.

Hibernating = Read: 
Watching movies, crafting, and reading while eating lots of my dad's delicious baked goods
-- cookies, breads, green chili, more bread, banana bread, zucchini bread, ciabatta, etc. 

So "C" likes to listen to my music but my head phones don't work on her
little ears and I don't want her  to blast out her ear drums so we rigged this little get up
for her to use while "WE" are running.

I made her a little playlist of kid music and try to sing along when I'm not panting too heavily!

I cut an "X" shaped slit in a couple of bathroom paper cups and
popped my earbuds through the hole.
I think I saw something like this on the "Instructables" website once upon a time. 

It serves as a mini- amplifier and it can be held up to her ear 
like an old-fashioned tin-can style "telephone"

A perfectly economical and easy solution that  works for us. 
Not too loud and still lets us  talk to each other and observe the sights around our neighborhood. 

How do you fit in a work-out for YOU during your parenting routine? 

pink and green mama


Andrea said...

Fantastic idea! I run too and I try to take toys with us but have to stop every 30 sec to pick up toys that my daughter biffed onto the road lol. Will give this a try:) thanks
Come on over and visit us

Andrea said...

Fantastic idea that i will have to try on our next run!
come on over and visit us http://jadaroo.blogspot.com/

Amanda said...

Maddie and I aren't morning people so she definitely needs her alone time in the morning. While she is munching on breakfast and playing in the playroom I head to my room for 30-60 minutes on the elliptical machine. No I am not a morning person and I try to talk myself out of it every morning- just one day off!- though it never happens and I ended getting in my morning workout. It work for now at least.

Then I try to fit in some crunches and push-up throughout the day. Every time I have to go upstairs I do 20 push-ups on the stairs....they add up quickly on laundry days!

Eva said...

ohh great idea!

Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

You Rock! "Just get moving" should be our morning lament! I purchased FP kids headphones that keep the volume low, but this is super duper great! Karen
Sippy Cup Central Mom

dannyscotland said...

Workout? What's that? Oh, you mean doing the Humpty Dumpty bounce-child-on-knees-40jillion-times workout? He he, I'm being silly, because I do not work out in the strictest sense, but my daughter does keep me on the go!

This is a great idea, good thinking.

koralee said...

How clever are YOU!

Love your blog...so much fun happening over here.

Thank you for visiting me the other day!

Hugs for a great week

meg duerksen said...

i basically just didn't exercise when my kids were too little. too hard. or i got up before they did (ugh) and hit the gym in the dark. so hard.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Meg -- It's still "Ugh" when I try to exercise but at least I'm trying -- that's what I keep telling myself.
When it gets hard I use mantras like,
"I'm Doing this for my heart."
"I'm Doing this for my grandmothers who can't run anymore."
"I'm Doing this to feel better."
"I'm Doing this for my daughters"
then, when it gets really hard I focus on the way I can feel my ass jiggle when I'm running and I tell myself,
"Fell that? Keep running sister and it'll bounce a lot less!"

; )
pink and green mama,

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