Wednesday, October 20, 2010

* Shout - Go Play! and Card Giveaway

We make some serious messes in this house.

Art Messes.

Food and Science Messes.

Dirt and Grass-stain Messes...

Throw in a terminally ill cat who barfs daily
(frequently on my couch -- thanks cat.)
and you'll 
realize that the inside of my washing machine
can end up more like a spin art machine : )

I was recently contacted by Growing Tree Toys
SC Johnson's Shout
for their new Go Play Initiative.
(Check out the fun free goodies they sent me
-- thank you!)

They are trying to encourage kids and adults to
go out and play,
which is fundamental to positive cognitive development
and a healthy outlet for our minds and bodies.
When my kids drive me crazy,
I bundle them up and send them
out into the backyard.
It's good for their mental health (and mine.)

This is one of the reasons
I've started walking/running again.
Time spent in nature,
exercising outdoors
is how I
  recharge my mental batteries.

Do we have messes to clean up around here?
Do we like to play outside?
Umm... yes.

So, I gave the Shout Advanced stain stick a spin
and my smocks look a whole lot better!
Also love the Color Catcher sheets,
(I've been a fan of these for years--
I actually gave them to my mom
last year in her Christmas stocking, because I'm a
giant nerd and I love them)

I can throw one in a load of mixed colors
(read: my daughter's rainbow wardrobe!)
and no more dingy colors mixing.

See the fun pack of 52 Nature Activities
card set Growing Tree Toys sent me?

(So many fun learning toys, games, Schleich animals, and
fun art pads on their site!)

52 games, activities, 
and art projects for kids
to do in nature.

Want a fun pack of cards too?
Leave a comment telling me

What's your favorite 
fall activity with your kids?
(make sure I have a way to contact you)

I'll pick a winner
at midnight EST
on Friday October 22, 2010. 
Giveaway open to US Residents Only. 

pink and green mama

Disclaimer: I received a sample for review.
No other compensation was received for this post or to host a giveaway.
All opinions are mine. 


Rachelle said...

I want one!

Rhonda said...

Our family loves to try and catch the leaves as they fall from the trees. We keep a tally of who catches the most.



Seamingly Sarah said...

My daughter's (2 years old) favorite fall activity is "running through the leaves." Mine would be photographing her laying in the leaves like it's a bed.

Anonymous said...

We love to take nature walks and then make collages with our discoveries.

Joli L.- jolissalybarger15@gmail.com

Stacy@{share and remember} said...

One thing we like to do is paint little pumpkins: http://shareandremember.blogspot.com/2008/11/bretts-pretty-painted-gourd.html

Janet said...

My favorite fall activities are going to the Pumpkin Farm with my family, taking hikes to admire the beautiful fall leaves and drinking lots of cider.

April said...

Hmm... fave fall activity? Can't beat the traditionals like leaf walks, pumpkin and apple picking, baking, making spooky crafts... but I think we enjoy and really feel togetherness the most when we listen to fall-y/ Halloween-y (not scary) music while we draw or color. Just music. Just crayons. Just us.

Jennifer said...

I found you through our mutual friend, Jackie. :) She raves about your blog --- and with good reason!

Our favorite autumn activity is walking through the leaves, just for the sake of hearing that beautiful cruchy noise dead, decaying leaves make. (That sounds macabre, now that I read it.)


bug and the sweet banana

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passionknitone said...

Our favorite fall activity (3 yo and 9mo daughters) is to walk through the streets running in leaves and collecting acorns.

mysillylittlelife said...

We love going to the park or out in the backyard on a beautiful fall day (like today!) and gathering leaves to use in various art projects when its raining!
danettefoster at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

We love to go apple picking and then to make applesauce!!! trishbazin(at)yahoo.com

se7en said...

Favorite fall activity... got to be: collecting natural factual treasures on ambling walks in the countryside...

Magillie said...

My favorite fall activity is playing soccer outside in the crisp weather with the goose. Her favorite is pretending over at the "wishing pond" in hopes to become a real super hero in time for Halloween. Ha! Thanks for this chance ML! xo -- j

Gigi said...

We love driving around in the country looking at the beautiful fall leaves, and of course raking up piles and jumping in them!

creative hearted said...

I recently posted on my blog what we do on our Fall nature walks. With my 4 year old we make up stories about the trees. We pretend they are talking to us and imagine what would they say. Meanwhile my 1.5 year old is busy collecting leaves which we weaved into a leaf garland hung over our fireplace. http://www.creativehearth.com/4/post/2010/10/night-walks-and-activities.html

you can contact me through my site...www.creativehearth.com

Lisa said...

We loved making our fall nature table this year. We chose a mini pumpkin together and my son decided wher eit should go.

Anne said...

We have so many fall activities that we love -- but I think our favorite this year has been celebrating the autumnal equinox with a breakfast picnic at our local botanical garden. Thanks for the giveaway

Kpop82 said...

My daughter is only 3 yrs old so we haven't come up with many traditions yet but one we have is our annual pumpkin patch traipsing. This year she is also enjoying watching the leaves change on the tree. She can't wait for winter to get here.

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