Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bye Bye to Binkies! Hello Build-A-Bear...

"C" gave up her "Binkies"
(pacifiers for some of you) 
this summer. 

It was hard to break a three-year habit.
But she did it-- the dentist 
and her pediatrician said we really needed to. 
"C"s big sister was still a finger sucker (at age 7)
So the two girls made a pact to quit together.
My little troopers. 

I made a deal with "C"
that if she gave up her binkies,
I would take her to 
to pick an animal of her choice
to stuff her last 
two favorite binkies 

That way, she still has them
to sleep with at night. 

("E" chose to get two packages of
 "Silly Bandz" instead...
Whatever works!)

"C" was so excited!
I made a big deal about the whole thing
and told all of the employees 
what we were doing 
and how proud I was of her. 

It was our first (and only)
trip to Build-A-Bear so it was kind of a big deal
for her. 

She selected a 
Hello Kitty doll. 
It was almost
as big as her!

The nice lady, let "C"
step on the pedal to add the stuffing. 

The lady gave her two little red hearts,
(one for each binky)
to put inside of the kitty. 

Then, she carefully tucked her
last two (and very favorite)
binkies inside of 
Hello Kitty's tummy
before we stitched her up. 

 After a "bath" 
some fluffing.

We checked to make sure 
she could still feel those 2 binkies
in her tummy.

Then, we added some pink 
Hello Kitty Big Girl undies
and some Pajamas
to complete her new kitty look.

Proud Mama and a happy little girl. 

I Love you sweet girl.
(and I sure am proud of your big sister too!)

Happy Milestone Memory Making!


pink and green mama,


Mantha said...

Congratulations to your two little people... :) ... you must be a very proud Mama .


Carrie said...

How did it go the first few nights? Did she want the binkies out? We are getting ready to wean from paci and like this idea.

Cricket said...

You are an awesome mama! What a compassionate and fun and respectful solution to the problem. Makes my heart thump just a little.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I love it.

Love and Lollipops said...

What a clever idea!! I love how she will know that the binkies (we call them "dummies" here in SA!!) are close by!

Elle Belles Bows said...

That is wonderful! Congrats! We have the paci issue here too. We may be headed to build a bear soon! Kerri

Gina said...

We have a prolific family, so we wrapped them up for the child's 3rd birthday and gave them to whomever the "new baby" happened to be.
Whatever works!

Amy said...

A lot of mom's seem to be doing this and it seems to work out well. Thankfully my older son gave up his binky before he was 1 and the twins never really liked them.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

@ Carrie --

She didn't try to get the binkies back out and they are sewed in nice and tight so I think she'd have to get a knife to get them out!! LOL!

She loves that she can push on the kitty's tummy to feel the binkies and still does push on them. There really weren't many tears at all about giving them up when it was time to go to bed -- we really DID wait until SHE was ready to break the habit, I didn't want to push her.

I talked it up ahead of time and slowly reduced the number of binkies in the house over several months/weeks by tossing them and having a few of them "break" (secretly cutting a slit the tip so they didn't suck the right way anymore)

We also waited until my older daughter was ready to stop which is why she didn't break the finger sucking habit until age 7 (cringe) .

Good Luck!!

pink and green mama,

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Fantastic idea! Your are such an amazing mama! <3



dannyscotland said...

Aw, I don't even know her and I'm proud of her! I'm getting a little choked up...that is just the sweetest thing to do. And it's so funny that your older child just wanted Silly Bandz!

MommaMindy said...

I love the idea of sewing the binkies inside. My granddaughter is giving up hers, so I might have to sponsor the trip to BAB.

I'm sewing matching pj's for my youngest daughter and her BAB monkey. Cabbage Patch patterns fit well, you just alter for the tail. We love BAB and are thankful you gave us one more good reason to go to the store!

meg duerksen said...

this is so fun.
my husband just took them cold turkey.
it was terrible.
and she never took another nap again. EVER. that was 6 years ago.

so great!

Jaimie said...

What a great idea to sew the pacifiers in! I had no idea they actually stuffed the animals there and did that whole process. I always thought you just picked out an animal and then picked out clothes for it. I'm keeping this idea of sewing hearts inside--I'd like to do that for handmade stuffies.


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