Monday, November 8, 2010

* Displaying Children's Art Work - Corkboard Gallery At Home

about the family art gallery she made in her hallway
with picture frames and cork-board to create a rotating art gallery. 

It's beautiful... BUT, It was  not as simple  as it seemed.

I already had the stash of black frames in my art studio
so I just had to go on the hunt for a roll of cork-board cork  (I found mine at Michaels Craft Store)

What she did not say in her post, or maybe she used thicker cork ,
was what a Pain-In-THE-Tush the cork is to work with!! Arrrgh!!
The cork was so thin that it ripped if I looked at it the wrong way.
It wasn't thick enough to stick push pins in so I had to replace/add a piece of 
foam core to the back of every frame to make it thick enough to stick a  push-pin into it. 

I also had to use spray adhesive
to stick all of the cork down since it ripples (she used Mod-Podge). 

The finished gallery turned out great but  it was a bit more work  than I thought it would be...
and, for the record, 3M Adhesive hooks don't work, at least not on our walls.
We had three pictures fall/clatter down onto the  hardwood floor in the middle of the night -
scared me to death. 

Our finished art gallery next to the kitchen table!

A perfect place to display all of our doodles, preschool projects, and artistic masterpieces. 

"E"s beautiful still life painting--
Just had to show it off too!

pink and green mama,


Kylie said...

I love this MaryLea. We have a wall right near our dining table too that would be perfect for this.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I read your post with interest as I also had this problem lining my cupboard door insides with rolled cork. It didn't stick very well and it was too thin. I think foam core + cork is the way to go, definitely more substantial.

In the end though, you persevered!! well done.

Sus said...

A lovely idea ...especially adding the foamcore to the back!

Georgine said...

You lost me when you said it wasn't that easy. Though it looks good, much better than using blue painters tape to hang stuff up. Not that I know anyone who does that.....

Kelli said...

What a wonderfully good idea. I love you blog. I forwarded the Stylish Blog award onto you.

Jessie said...

We are also working on a way to show our work (other than the refrigerator). I got some frames that I like, and some art clips, so we'll see. Thank you for sharing! I love your kitchen :)



Susannah said...

I love this idea. I have worked with cork in the past, and dealt with the same problems. I hot melt glued two sheets together to make it thick enough for push pins.

Brigit said...

Wow! This looks amazing. I have seen different posts/ideas of this and I love yours. I actually just painted some frames earlier today to make a gallery of our own. Thanks for the tips.

naturallymama said...

those 3m sticky hooks are a joke!

Brigit said...

I finally finished our wall and we LOVE it! Thanks so much for all your ideas, tips and pics. I used cork tiles for our smaller frames as it was thicker and then I didn't have to add to get the push pins to stay in. Again thanks!

Here is our wall....


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